Propagation- Everything you should know about Propagation and its seeds


Propagation or propagate is a way of reproduction by the natural and unnatural method. The word Propagate has taken from the Latin Word “Propagare”. This means Breed new plants, in which one person breeds one seed or stem in place and that ends up with the garden or plant called propagation. In other words, you can say, propagation means the multiply of plants.

While propagation, a person feels three happiest moments. One is when he grows plant and second is when the plant starts growing after harvesting such as it gives fruits or vegetables. The last and third happiest moment you feel when your indoor garden blossoms with greenery and fruits. Well, Propagation usually occurs in the plant via two methods cutting of clones and germination of seeds.

Now, let us learn both methods to complete both jobs in a great way.

Germination of Seeds

Everyone has own way to germinate seeds, but there are two most common ways. One is most folk spread seeds over earth then splash water and leaves it for 24 hours in dark light. It is an old-fashioned method for propagation, but it works. Another method folks are finding superb is the Wet Paper Towel Method. This means you need to propagate seeds via the use of paper. All you need to do in this, take a paper towel, dining plate, seeds, and saran wrap. Collect all the things together and follow the given steps:

  1. Initially, you have to take a piece of paper towel and wet it with warm water under the sink. It is just because of adding great moisture that works well in germinating seeds.
  2. Now, place this wet paper on the plate and put some seeds in a row. Make sure seeds are placed in one direction.
  3. Fold the one-side of paper in a way the seeds get covered and give pressure. Then add a little one drop of warm water over seeds.
  4. Use saran tape to make the knot of wet paper and keep it tight so the moisture does not lose. Keep it in a dark place and leave it for 24-48 hours.
  5. After 48 hours, you will see the pop in seeds. In case you haven’t left it for more hours.
  6. Once you are convinced with pop seeds, then you can put these seeds into started cells for better germination. You can use hydroponic heat mat for better propagation.

If you want to grow it big, you can put these seeds into the plant to make it bigger and fruitful.

Tips to transplant seeds into cells or your indoor garden

  • Make a deep hole and then transport seeds into that hole. Make sure you are not packing it cell soil.
  • Now, place the cell tray and add some water over it for moisture. Then convert the cell tray into the rooftop. Then place the whole setup on a heat mat under lights.
  • Make sure you have placed all things under direct light. With this, the coming heat and brightness from the light will help the seed to grow up and become strong enough to produce fruits or vegetables.

Note- You need to make sure you are using the right light from your plants. If the light is so sharp, it will burn the baby plant.

Cutting of clones

Cloning or clones means a copy of the plant. This happens for thousands of years. When one cut the leaf of the plant, it leaves callus which further digs into another cell tray to grow more plants like that. You can say it is just like a donor plant that helps to grow more identical plants.

How to take a cutting from plants

For better growth of plants with no pitfalls, it is important to learn how to take a cutting. If you need multiple cuts, then make sure you are taking callus near the stem. With this, you will get enough roots to grow identical plants.

Also, you need to make sure the cut root is dip into the water to lock the moisture. Now, to grow the plants you need to follow the germination seeds steps as moisture the seed tray and then leave it for hours.

Note- For the cuts, you can use a cutter that mostly available in the market according to the needs.

Clones Vs Germination

Well, both ways are best enough to grow good plants. But there is a need to check from which way you need to start germination or clones. Both methods have pros and cons, but most folks refer to Clones because this will generate the same results and also reduce your load to grow plants. While germination of seeds is a new way to grow new plants.

Well, we leave this only to you. But make sure you are doing your best while propagation to get better outcomes.


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