Fashion Trends for Women in 2020

Fashion Trends for Women in 2020

Have you diligently watched the latest runways already? Are you planning your wardrobe not only for the next season but for the entire 2020? If the answer is no, then you are just in the right place. However, even if you feel you’re ready to rock next year’s fashion, there are still a few tips that you may be interested in.

If you cannot wait to learn more about the fashion trends for women in 2020, and buy the best clothes to improve your style, you can take a look at the latest female mannequin and read our guide.

From dresses to swimwear, the next year looks particularly promising and full of surprises for fashion victims. Several brands are ready to launch new exciting collections to make all of us look and feel gorgeous.

Eather you love to spend some hours out shopping, or you buy clothes and swimwear online, these are the trendy pieces you should be going for.

Polka dots

Who said that polka dots are only for children and for your grandma? Both small and big dots are the undiscussed protagonists of the Spring/Summer 2020 runways, and they cannot be missed in your wardrobe.

Marigold or Rose Gold?

What is marigold? This color is not quite gold, but not really mustard. It is just a marigold, a yellow-orange color that it is named after the flower of the same name. Although wearing yellow clothes and accessories may not suit every body type, this chic color is finally the answer for whoever wants to make his or her outfit brighter.

Another color that is undoubtedly going to be the protagonist of 2020 is rose gold. When the first rose gold iPhone 6S was announced in 2015, many people were obsessed with this color, which is pure gold with a hint of yellow.

Do You Feel Punk?

We all had our punk period when we were wearing black clothes, high boots, and studs. If your punk spirit is pawing for attention, then 2020 is the right year to free it. The latest runways have shown rebellious looks, with studs and androgynous designs. Punk and grunge are now ready to become synonyms of style.

If you have any black leather or vinyl dresses in your wardrobe, this is the time to give it another chance and to play with new silhouettes and corsets. A new, bondage-inspired winter is waiting for you.


Also known as pied de poule, the high-contrast houndstooth motif is one of fashion victims’ favorite classics. With its retro and androgynous allure, this pattern is ready to enhance bags, coats and even thighs.

…or Check?

On the other hand, you may go for a bolder style by wearing a check. This is such a simple but versatile motif that suits virtually every color palette. You can buy a new coat, choose a classic check hat, or even wear this motif head-to-toe.


It is time to go bright and add a hint of neon to your best outfits. The latest runways, directly from the Fashion Week, drawn inspiration from the 1980s and promoted neon color as a way to impress, shock and be stylish.

Shearling Coats

Winter 2020 may seem far away, but it is a good idea to start planning your wardrobe for the season. Shearling is back and with it the opportunity to match the fanciest runways and being cozy and warm even with the coldest temperatures!


The present and the future of fashion are more aware of the environment and animal rights. Even if we still love leather clothes, furs have been banned, and with them all the unnecessary cruelty.  Faux-fur is the latest trend, and we love it.

Keywords: Overplaying and Exaggerating!

Size matters, even in fashion. Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta are only a few of the designers that propose balloon-like silhouettes for next year’s trends. It is time to shock and over-state your style and to feel at ease with your body shape.

Time to Reinvent Your White Shirt

For many fashion victims, there is nothing more boring than a white shirt. However, next year’s trends are ready to make you change your mind. Designers have reinvented this wardrobe’s classic by adding new patterns, embellishments and cropping.

Fashion Trends for Women in 2020

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are now being used by designed to amplify the statement of each outfit. They make even the cheapest and the most boring black dress looks immediately classier, expensive and romantic. Even your most minimalist pieces will benefit from a pair of puffy sleeves.

Go Floral (or Go Home)

For some people, floral is kitsch, while others believe it should be used only for curtains and bedclothes. It is time to change your mind because next year’s trends will be all about florals. This print will be perfect for every season if paired with the right accessories, and it’s ideal for making you feel romantic or dramatic, based on the occasion.


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