Benefits of a Franklin DUI Attorney

franklin tn dui attorney

A DUI charge is definitely no laughing matter in any case. There are often numerous other things that are tied to them, and it could cost you the ability to drive legally (depending on the severity of the DUI crime) up to the rest of your life. When this happens, and you are charged with drunk driving, you’ll want to hire a quality criminal defense DUI attorney, such as the one we’ll mention later. Franklin is just outside of the hustle and bustle of Nashville, but their offices are just as strict as they are in town. In this guide, we’ll explain the benefits of using a DUI lawyer.

You Can Protect Your Integrity

Sometimes, life just happens. When it does, bad things can happen, and we don’t always have control over them. Some people have been charged with DUI’s in an auto accident even though it was the other person’s fault! Having a DUI lawyer can greatly help you in these cases, because they will look at every aspect of things and hope to get you off the hook.

DUI’s Go on Your Permanent Record

In the event that you use a DUI lawyer, you can actually hire someone who with careful planning, plea bargaining, and knowing a lot of the different statutes and laws in your area, can actually help you avoid the charges of driving under the influence. When you receive one of these charges, it impacts the rest of your life – automobile insurance prices, your credit, and even your permanent record. By having a good defense lawyer at your side, you can possibly get the restitution paid that you need, perform the right procedures to show that you learned your lesson, and avoid that permanent record altogether, giving you a new lease on life.

Don’t Lose Your License

Believe it or not, some people have lost their driver’s license just after their first offense, even if it is somewhat rare. When you’re suffering conviction for a DUI, you may end up being a target for losing your driver’s license, and you don’t want to do this. Nobody wants to ride a bicycle or walk to work as a necessity for the rest of their life, and if you’re an overall good person, you shouldn’t have to either. A DUI attorney can help you avoid losing your license, and keep it active, even if you might possibly have the DUI on your driving record permanently.


Attorney Ben Powers is a qualified Dui and criminal defense lawyer from Nashville. They have expertise in numerous facets, including real estate, but one of their primary practices is helping those in need save themselves from DUI conviction and prosecution. Ben Powers has been an attorney working all around the Nashville surrounding area with some of the most respected names in the legal system, and he has even received the Avvo Client’s Choice Award because he truly cares about his clients. By hiring Ben for your DUI needs, you’ll have the right representation that can save your life, your license, and possibly your record.


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