How to Buy BEST SMARTWATCH UNDER $50 – Review & Guide


How many of you use cellphones to call, watch to see the time, and a pedometer to track your physical activity? Any normal person would raise their hands, but now it’s time to become smarter and get a device that has ALL of these features. So what is that device? Best smart watch under $50!


The most crucial reason why you should get a smartwatch is that it can be used for multiple purposes, not just one, unlike the normal watches! The features vary from watches to watches, but all good smart watches are able to track your physical activity, receive calls and connect you with the world. Drop all other devices at home, and have your pedometer, watch and your phone around your wrist by wearing a single watch!


Smart watches are often affordable, but still it’s important that you buy the right one so that you can benefit from its features to the maximum. After knowing your personal choice, here’s what you should consider before buying one:  BASIC FUNCTION: Your smart watch SHOULD be capable of performing basic functions such as recording your heart rate, distance, calories etc. It should be able to receive calls and to notify you (if it can’t, drop it, it isn’t smart enough!)

 WATER RESISTANT:Might seem insignificant in the start, but it is a vital feature that all smart watches must have! This makes them durable and long lasting.

 CHARGING LIFE:This varies from watch to watch, and also depends on your usage of the watch, but however, a good smart watch should last a day or more (at least).


Smart watches are when style combines with performance, so your smart watch should not only look elegant, but also should be comfortable to wear. Not too big to look overpowering, not too small to make it hard for you to read the data!

 MOST IMPORTANT:You would be pairing your smart watch with your cell phone, so make sure that it pairs well with it to remove any problems in the data transfer!

It can be exhausting to look for smart watches with all of the above features, that too, in a good affordable price. But why worry? This article can point you in the right direction to help you buy exactly what you needed!

“LETSCOME”, smart watch, according to us is the best smart watch with features more than enough. Here’s why:


This watch is a must for everyone who likes watches with big dials! Its large screen (having four different customizable displays) makes it easy for you to read clearly and easily. Plus, it’s comfortable to wear, and being stylish, it looks elegant on your wrist. It has a rating of 5 STARS, and has up to 5 different monitors (that means you can quit using those five devices separately). Here’s a more specific look at its features:


 HEART + SLEEP MONITOR:Who doesn’t love a good night sleep!? This watch can record for you deep, light and awake sleep, so you can see how you slept last night. Moreover, you can add up to 10 silent vibrating alarms! It records your heart rate as well! FITNESS TRACKING: It records the steps that you took, the calories that you burned, and the distance that you covered, so that you can look at the data in one glance to point out your shortcomings, and thus improve your exercising routine for the best!  SMART FUNCTIONS: This watch is water resistant, so you can wear it in a pool or dance in the rain, as they record your physical activity without being harmed! It can notify you about your emails, texts, or calls and thus you can go on a walk without a cellphone! It is perfect to wear while exercising because it can provide breathing guides (to control breathing for relieving stress) and sedentary alerts to remain active! It also has GPS connectivity and sports tracking (offering 9 different sports modes).   BATTERY LIFE: It takes only 2.5 hours to charge up, and can last for 10 DAYS! Who was expecting that!? Plus, it can help you in finding your phone (in case you lose it somewhere).


To conclude this, smart smartwatches amazing option, and this smart smartphone many different modes and several features, not only makes it a perfect option but

also cuts down the cost of buying other devices separately. Rather just buy this single watch and keep your daily routine updated on your wrist!


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