Top 5 Bathroom Technology Trends You Want To Check Out

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Smart technology has forever changed the way we live as we’ve steadily seen it become ingrained into our homes through our most used facilities. From our refrigerators to TVs, our garage doors to light switches, our security systems to even our egg trays, there is no shortage of clever, smart home tech available to us.

While bathrooms haven’t been well known for their smart home penetration however, the latest developments in technology prove that not only is the bathroom keeping up with innovative tech powering the rest of the house but is pushing the limits with ample space for potential.

Traditionally utilitarian and only concerned with function, modern bathroom designs now safely belong in the 21st Century with the rest of the home. If you’re looking to make your home more high-tech, check out these essential on-trend, technological advancements for your bathroom.

1) Transformer Toilets

High-tech toilet options can be vast and they do a whole host of different things. From self-cleaning, to foot warming and a musical jukebox to protect your privacy, high-tech toilets are becoming more and more popular around the world.

An automatic water spritzer is a souped up version of the bidet. Equipped with sensors that can tell when to clean without you having to touch any buttons, an automatic bidet can save water and paper, while keeping our hands cleaner by not touching anything.

Motion sensors on toilets are usually associated with automatic flushing; however, depending on whether someone is approaching or not, motion sensors can allow automatic toilet lids to lift up and go down, before and after use.

If you’re living in a cold climate, heated seats are a great addition to the bathroom. Instead of sitting on a cold, unpleasant surface first thing in the morning, why not luxuriate in your morning ritual experience with a warm, toasty seat?

2) Brainy Bath Tubs

Bathing has always been associated with soaking yourself in suds for a relaxing wash and retreat. Now with the type of bathtubs available on the market, you can certainly soak in style. Equipped with air and water jet massage capabilities, built-in Bluetooth, LED waterfalls and built-in TVs, you can be sure that you can relax and be entertained no matter what.

High-tech baths equipped with chromatherapyuse coloured lights that are embedded into the tub to enhance your mood. Depending on what effect you’re looking for and with its proven healing properties, you can choose which light you want to illuminate your bathroom space while you bathe.

Free standing tubs have been a hot trend for a mighty hot minute and with electronically controlled temperature capabilities, bath time just became much more efficient. Making sure your bath water is set to the exact temperature every time allows you to sit straight in, without having to wait for it to cool or to heat up.

Gone are the days when a hot tub was the only thing that could blow air jets as they now come as standard to the high-tech tub. Controlled electronically while providing different levels of sensation, from a light whirlpool to deep massaging bubbles of joy, true relaxation might just be one button away.

3) Touch-less Faucets

The faucet has been a main stay in the bathroom since time immemorial and while the concept of infrared sensors has been at the forefront of technological innovation in this particular area, it’s the use of the technology that has continued to advance. Originally used for the automation of water to start and stop in order to reduce the spread of germs, infrared sensors can now be set up with electronic timers to set particular times for certain stages of, for example – brushing your teeth. Setting a faucet timer can help you get the most out of certain tasks such as brushing your teeth and washing your face, while making a huge impact on the amount of water you save. Convenient, sanitary and eco-friendly, touch-less faucets now even have built-in hand dryers.

4) Automation is The Future

The latest tech innovations in the bathroom show that you can incorporate a variety of different options to make your dream bathroom a reality. The beauty in most of the high-tech options however, is not just how technically advanced they are but instead, how utterly simple they seem. Being able to walk into your bathroom and have lights turn on automatically can be magical, while washing hands without having to touch anything is ideal. Having a bath filled with gorgeous chromatherapy lights streaming though can be healing, while playing music at a touch of a button in your tub might be your idea of the perfect Friday night in.

5) Accessorise Your Bathroom

A smart bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change everything into its high-tech counterpart. You can do just as well by adding items that can optimise your experience. A popular addition to any contemporary bathroom design is to install a cooler next to your tub so that you can have your favourite beverage while you soak in your bath and relax. If you’re into bingeing on the latest series, installing a television in your bathroom might be the perfect way for you to relax after a long hard day.


The smart home revolution is well underway and if you’re thinking of making your home high-tech, there’s no place more exciting than your bathroom.


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