Indonesia for a Fun-Filled Destination Wedding

destination wedding indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It is made up of 17,500 islands and hosts a wide range of cultural and ethnic diversity. It is the perfect place to have your destination wedding with all those islands waiting to be explored as well as the beaches.

Indonesia is home to three of the most popular islands on the globe. These are:

  • Java
  • Bali
  • Sumatera

It is also home the largest lizard in the world; the awe-inspiring and terrifying Komodo dragon. Other interesting destinations in this tropical paradise include Ubud, Labuan Bajo, Rinca and Padar islands.

You will not only experience an amazing cultural and ethnic medley here but also the amazing marine wildlife. In addition, there are myriads of fun water-based activities to take up. These include snorkeling, diving, swimming in the sea among others.

Then there is the fascination that is Jakarta. One of the most populous and busiest cities in the world, Jakarta has no shortage of activities to do and places to see. The nightlife alone is out of this world. Having your wedding here means you immediately have your activities lined up.

For this reason alone, you should consider booking your wedding package hotel Jakarta. You can move from your ceremony right into the reception and celebration of some of the best clubs.

Reasons why Indonesia is Perfect for Your Destination Wedding

Have you ever wondered what a wedding on a cruise ship would be like? It would be amazing especially if you choose a destination that does not pose the risk of raining on the wedding party. That is Indonesia for you.

With a nice temperate temperature throughout the year, you can make it happen. Just avoid the monsoon months (December to February).

In any case, whether you have your wedding in Jakarta then leave for your cruise, you would still have some great memories of your beautiful day. The photos and videos would be the envy of your friends.

Additional reasons why you should consider Indonesia the perfect location for your wedding include the following:

  • You Can Access Hidden Islands and Beaches

Places such as Bali are popular tourist destinations and can get quite crowded. However, there are many secluded beaches and islands you can escape to with your new spouse. You just need to know where to look.

Saringi and Keramat rank high on the list of islands you should check out. You will find them to the east of Lombok. Walk hand in hand on the white sandy beaches and snorkel in the lovely seawater. The marine life is quite a sight to behold and the reefs will leave you breathless.

  • Check out the Pink Beaches

Komodo Island is where you want to go to access the pink beaches. What could be more wonderful than sinking your feet into some of the rarest beaches in the world? If you are a sucker for adventure and adrenalin rushes, hobnob with the Komodo dragons in the National Park.

  • Swim in a Crater Lake

Indonesia is not short of breathtaking destinations to checkout. Satonda is one more island that will leave you mesmerized.  Most of the island is a huge crater lake that was formed by a flooded volcano. The lush hills surrounding Satonda complete the outstanding landscape.

You can stroll up a walking trail that leads to a lookout that is worthy of Instagram posts. After your stroll, how about taking a nice swim in the salty waters of the lake?

The trees around the lake are rumored to have wish-granting powers. If your wish comes true, you must come back and thank the island. That is the deal.


Naturally, every couple wants to have a lasting and successful marriage. Maybe Satonda can help grant that. All in all, Indonesia has the perfect ambiance for the perfect nuptials. The panoramic views, the weather and the food, as well as the superior accommodations and service, should give you the ceremony of your dreams.


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