Best Furniture Theme Ideas for New Furniture

furniture theme

If you are planning to get new furniture for your home, and this time, you are planning to give your house a new look as well, these furniture theme ideas can help.

Furniture Theme: An Overview

Choosing a furniture theme means selecting a specific type and or color of furniture for your home that complements your overall home decor and look & feel of your house. Furniture themes can vary widely, ranging from Heritage and Scandinavian to Mid-Century Modern and Urban Modern. Different themes offer different looks, and you should choose the one that satisfies your requirements and style needs. That being said, here is a list of eight most popular furniture themes.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic theme consists of vintage elements to offer your home an antique flea market feel and look. Shabby Chic furniture embodies aged appearance with distressed wood to reflect natural wear and tear. To bring the most out of this furniture theme, you can combine it with soft and opulent decorative accents. Commonly used colors for shabby chic decor include white, pastel, and ecru, but you can experiment with other more vibrant colors as well.

Urban Modern

One of the most popular furniture themes, Urban Modern design style, is inspired by major cities’ cosmopolitan environment. This furniture theme is a conglomeration of several complementary and opposing traits that gives your house a unique, adventurous look.

This design includes the fusion of glamorous chic, minimalist modern, edgy, experimental designs, and ethnic heirlooms. Urban modern furniture style generally embodies premium-quality Hudson mahogany wood and is one of the best quality furniture options to select for your home.

One of the significant advantages of using this furniture theme is the scope for customization. Urban modern includes large furniture (bed, sofa), decorative accents (table, pillow, mirror), all blended in creative and artistic expression with geometric designs or traditional embellishment.


If you are a fan of a cabin-inspired furniture theme, you will love the farmhouse design. The farmhouse is a transitional theme containing a mix of traditional and modern items. This furniture theme offers a well-organized home design consisting of lavender bunches, greeneries, and arrangements of planters and vases.

The significant characteristics of farmhouse furniture are upholstered linen and distressed wood. The dominant color in the farmhouse theme is white, with beige acting as the base color. Although light or turquoise yellow is the most preferred color, don’t hesitate to experiment with brighter color options.


If you want your house to reflect an adventurous and carefree spirit, the Bohemian furniture theme is the ideal choice for you. This theme offers a creative application of vibrant colors and rich patterns, mostly shades of purple and red. The purpose of the Bohemian furniture theme is to provide an intentionally messy look, along with textile layers like tapestry and pillows for a warm ambiance.

If you want to be the most out of this furniture style, select pieces that embody nomadic or ethnic vibes. The most trending designs in the Bohemian furniture theme include Southwestern, Moroccan, and tribal-inspired designs if the composition is your priority, select metallic, wood, animal hide, and textile accents.


If you want to blend the modern and heritage look in a stylish fashion, the Scandinavian furniture theme can be an ideal call for you. Scandinavian design features a minimalistic look with playful accent colors, gentle contours, and a balanced blend of organic and engineered elements. Fluid lines with populist appeal characterize this furniture design and focus on object proportions. The most commonly used colors in Scandinavian furniture design include white color with tones of gray.


Nautical furniture theme offers a positive, relaxing, and warm feel to your house. The nautical design style is inspired by the England beach house spirit and is based on blue as the primary color with sand or white color as the foundation. This furniture style embodies unfinished wood in chairs and tables, along with chic linen upholstery for sofas and lounge seats. Nautical furniture design offers several design accents, including jute ropes, navigational maps, sailboats, and seashells in jars.


Another unique furniture theme idea, Industrial design, is inspired by the turn-of-the-century industrial era. The industrial theme focuses on the use of distressed wooden elements and exposed steel, which is often complemented by brick walls as well. A relatively newer version of this furniture theme embodies copper-tone accents, but in general, the industrial design reflects a mature and rustic design.

Industrial design offers various design options, including rugged vintage and modern rustic. Moreover, you can also choose between antique, chic look / darker, and lighter design.

Mid-Century Modern

One of the most popular and iconic modern designs of furniture, Mid-Century Modern, is characterized by minimalist silhouettes, refined lines, and natural shapes. This furniture theme utilized a blend of old and new materials like aluminum, molded plastic, and plywood.

The pieces of mid-century modern furniture theme are very versatile and can blend with a plethora of design styles. The best you can do with this type of furniture design is to experiment and mix elements from other themes and designs to achieve a fresh, purist, and perfect look for your home.

Some Tips for Choosing the Best Furniture Theme

Consider the Architecture of your house: The architecture of your home plays a vital role in determining whether a theme will suit your house or not. Surf the web to know more about theme ideas according to different architectural designs. If figuring out your home’s architecture and determining an oscillating theme is tedious, consult an experienced interior designer.

Your Requirements: The theme of your house should depend a lot upon what are your expectations or requirements from your home. If you want your home to look vintage, you can choose a vintage theme like Shabby Chic or Farmhouse. If you want a modern theme, you can consider choosing Urban Modern or Nautical. If you want a blend of all, you can consider choosing Mid-Century Modern or Industrial.

Your Budget: Different furniture has different prices, and your favorite one might not lie under your budget. Therefore, it is essential to determine your budget before looking for themes. Doing so not only helps you to avoid unwanted theme ideas but enables you to save time as well.

Advantages of Choosing a Furniture Theme

One of the primary things to adopt before finalizing the furniture theme is to conclude a standard theme for your entire home. In other words, instead of choosing a different theme for every room, select one theme, and apply it to your entire home.

This will not only help you choose the theme easily without much hassle but enables you to determine a cohesive design for your home as well. If you are not sure of whether your furniture complements your house or vice versa, selecting a standard theme will help you choose pieces that not only complement each other but the design and look of your home as well.


A house without furniture theme can lose its look and feel, and might end up looking unorganized and unattractive. A theme not only gives your home a new look but provides it a uniform design that looks more cohesive and organized. However, choosing the best theme for your house can be difficult; thus, contacting an experienced designer might help.


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