5 Useful Tips to Help Plan for Great Wedding Photos

Wedding Photograpy

Want to make sure that your wedding photos turn out great? One surefire way to help ensure they do is to make sure that you properly plan the wedding photography in advance, so that on the day itself things go as smoothly as possible.

Make no mistake planning for great wedding photos can be challenging, but there are several useful tips that will help you accomplish it:

  • Find the style of wedding photography that you prefer

Did you know that there are many different styles of wedding photography? Some of the more popular options include classical, photojournalism, portraiture, lifestyle, or dramatic.

Finding the style that you prefer can be a big help when you’re planning your wedding photography. It will make it easier for you to find a photographer that is experienced in that style, and help you to explain exactly what you want to them.

  • Assign an assistant to the photographer

If possible you should assign one of your friends and family to assist the photographer. Preferably the assistant should be someone familiar with all the guests, and who can help the photographer to identify important people that should be in the shots.

The assistant could also help the photographer to wrangle the guests for portrait shots. That should help to save quite a bit of time.

  • Pre-scout all the locations

A day or two before the big day, you should pre-scout the locations to check that everything is okay. While you’re doing that you may want to look for possible photography backdrops and check on the lighting conditions.

It will help if you can bring your photographer along to scout the locations. If it isn’t possible to do it a few days in advance, try to arrange to arrive at locations early so that the photographer has the opportunity to scope them out before the guests arrive.

  • Plan group portraits from largest to smallest

Large group portraits are by far the most difficult to organize, so you should try to get them out of the way first. After that you can work on the smaller groups more easily, and with a lot less hassle.

Ideally you should list out all the group portraits when you’re planning your wedding photography, and list out the people that will be in each one. That will make it easier to organize on the day itself and less time will be wasted.

  • Pad the timeline

Always remember to pad your estimates when you’re trying to work out the wedding timeline. In particular you should remember to overestimate travel time and take into account traffic and weather conditions too.

The last thing that you want is for your wedding photographer to have to rush, as that will definitely affect the photos they snap. If you pad the timeline and give them room to work with, you’ll find that the photos turn out a lot better.

By using these tips you should be able to plan your wedding photography far more effectively, and eliminate many of the issues that often arise. On top of that however you should carefully select the right wedding photographer for the job, such as one that is experienced in documentary wedding photography London, or someone that specializes in a different style.

All said and done your wedding photos are going to be an important memento of one of the happiest days of your life. It makes sense to carefully plan it out as best you can, so that everything works out great and you end up with exactly the type of photos that you want.


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