3 Ways to Send Flowers Internationally


You have a friend that is living in another country and you wish you could just send flowers to her for a special occasion. It is entirely possible and there are many ways to do this. You just have to make sure you know where the recipient lives and at what time will he/she be available to sign for the flowers. 

Use an Online International Florist

The best way is to buy the flowers from an online international florist. On the florist website, it will state whether it ships to international locations. You can check the FAQ section to find out which international locations it ships to. You can also find out what country they deliver to by checking the delivery country options that are available in the checkout page. When browsing the florist site, be sure to select the delivery country to see the available flower bouquet options.

The flower bouquets options usually vary depending on the delivery destination. This is because they are using a local florist to fulfil the flower orders so the flowers you choose have to be available in the local florist. Besides, you should read the most recent reviews about how smooth the deliveries go for international flower delivery. Sometimes, even it claims to deliver internationally, but after ordering it, there will be problems like the staff is incompetent and can’t understand the address in a foreign language that you write, or it requires the recipient to come and personally pick up the flowers, etc. Get more details at Myglobalflowers.com.

 Order from a Local Florist

The second option is to buy the bouquet from a local florist. The local florist’s website will usually be in a foreign language. However, you can always use the Google Translate tool to translate the website. And also, you want to make sure that it accepts an order from customers in your country. Just to make sure, you can place the order over the phone. In this way, you can chat with the seller and get the reassurance that your flower will be delivered.

You’ll have to be fluent in the native language if you want to place an order over the phone. You will need to ask how they will send you the confirmation when the flower is delivered, for example, give you a call when the flower is delivered. You will also have to ask whether there is an additional fee since it is a phone order from a foreign customer.

 Ship the Flowers Yourself

You can also buy the flowers at a local florist and ship it yourself via an international shipping courier like FedEx, and DHL. You should choose a fast shipping method that takes 1 – 2 days delivery time. It is important to package the flowers in the correct method for it to stay fresh. First, you wet the stems by wrapping the bottom part with some wet paper towels. If you don’t want to use wet paper towels, you can just dip the stem in a vase with water. 

Doing so will enable the stem to stay moisturized and not dry out during the delivery. To keep the bouquet in place, you can secure it with a rubber band or plastic zipper tie. You will have to get a box that is big enough to house the flowers. The box should not be smaller otherwise you will have to bend the flower to fit it in. In the bottom of the box, you can make some small holes to allow some air to get in so that the flowers can breathe and stay fresh for a longer time.


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