Everything You Need to Know About Home Window Tint Percentages

Everything You Need to Know About Home Window Tint Percentages

Do you want to lower your electricity bill, save your furniture from damage, reduce glare, and protect your home? What if we told you there’s one product that does just that and it’s easy to install, too?

Home window tinting is a great addition to any home. But how dark should you tint your windows?

There’s a few things to consider when picking out window tint percentages. Here are a few things to keep in mind when upgrading your home.

Your Window Tinting Needs

Before we talk about the types of window tint percentages out there, let’s talk about why you’re thinking about tinting your windows. There are several good reasons, but what you want can determine the percentage.

Do you need…

  • Privacy
  • Glare reduction
  • Sun damage protection
  • Lowering heating and cooling costs
  • Security

No matter what you’re looking for, you can find window tinting to meet your needs. Let’s look at what different percentages have to offer.

50% Tint

Depending on how your home is constructed, it could already have a natural reduction in light. Deep porches, awnings, and other cover provides shade and keeps the sun out.

With window tints, the percentage indicates how much light is left through. A high percentage, like 50%, lets half the light in.

This is a good option when you want to reduce heating and cooling costs but still want a lot of natural light to flow in.

35% Tint

You know how dangerous the sun is for your skin. It can still damage your skin while you’re indoors — and also fade your furniture, paint, floor, artwork, and more.

This tint blocks 65% of incoming light. That means you only let in 35% of light at this percentage.

A 35% tint reduces sun damage while also cutting down on glare. This is great for your furnishings, your skin, and even your eyes. (americachip.com)

20% Tint

This much darker shade looks great on office or commercial buildings that want to reduce visibility. It’s perfect if you want to increase privacy for your home, too.

At 20% tint, no one will really be able to see inside unless they’re up close to your window. You’ll still be able to see outside although it might look darker at night.

5% Tint

The darkest tint out there, this level of tint is commonly seen on limousine windows. Think black, sleek, and almost completely opaque.

You can still see out of windows with a 5% tint but it definitely makes things darker. It’s the ultimate upgrade for those who need a lot of privacy or want to create a certain mood.

Now You Know: Window Tint Percentages

With this guide to window tint percentages, now you’ll know how dark you want to go in your home. Take a look at your rooms and your goals for tinting your windows before choosing a percentage.

When you’re ready to install them, talk to your installer to find out what they think. They might be able to give you a better idea about what percentage works best with your home.

There are plenty more ways to learn how to make your house beautiful, energy efficient, and economical. Check out our For The Home articles for more inspiration!


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