Is Microchipping Your Pet Worth the Cost?

Is Microchipping Your Pet Worth the Cost?

Does your dog or cat like to explore the neighborhood – but without you?

Some pets are known to wander, causing alarm and distress for pet owners everywhere. While the reasons dogs do this can range from fear to looking for a mate if they’re not fixed, there’s always the challenge for the owner to find them.

Meanwhile, indoor cats are sometimes known to not return home when they get out.

Microchipping is a way that owners have tackled this dilemma. Are pet microchipping costs worth it? Let’s take a look at the benefits!

Easily Keep Track Of Your Pet

Adding a microchip to your cat may seem intense, but the procedure itself is minimally invasive. In fact, the very small chip is put in place between the animal’s shoulder blades with a needle – and it takes less than a minute in most cases.

The main benefit of having a pet microchip put in place is that it gives them a unique identification code. If a dog or cat is lost or picked up by a shelter, they can be quickly scanned for the microchip that contains important contact info of the owner drawn from a database.

While a photo etched dog tag is a great way to identify your pet, a microchip is permanent. Both are great for different reasons. You need a special scanner to read a dog or cat microchip while anyone can look at a pet tag and find the owner.

A microchip can also confirm the identity of the animal in the case of theft. If there’s a dispute, a quick scan can reveal the rightful owner.

How High Are Pet Microchipping Costs?

The average cost to microchip a pet is around $50. Sure, that’s probably more than a dog or cat collar tag. However, because a microchip is permanently implanted in the skin, it can be worth the money if your pet’s collar falls off or is removed by someone. (

There are also cost-saving benefits for shelters. Microchipping pets reduces the average stay of strays, meaning the financial impact will be less. That applies to both the shelter and the owner, as some shelters charge a daily rate to keep animals until they’re claimed.

In fact, you might be able to find a shelter in your area that provides microchipping for free, or you can get it as part of a package from some veterinarian clinics.

Consider a Microchip For Pets

Because of the relatively low pet microchipping costs and the peace of mind that it provides to pet owners, it often makes sense to get a pet microchip implanted.

It can quickly help identify the pet owner in the case a cat or dog ends up a shelter, and it can’t be removed like a tag. This means you can get your pet back quicker, and you might not have to pay as much in shelter fees.

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