Deep Cleaning Your Home: The Ultimate Guide for a Spotless Finish

Deep Cleaning Your Home: The Ultimate Guide for a Spotless Finish

It doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning of spring or the onset of the holiday season—your house needs to be clean.

Maintaining a spotless abode helps you breathe better and lowers the risks of catching a cold. Plus, an orderly home looks good and makes you feel good.

Sure, we have responsibilities such as work, errands, children, pets, and relationships. The hectic pace of daily life could make a tidy home last on your priorities list.

But if you want a home to sparkle, it needs regular deep cleaning.

If the phrase “deep cleaning” sounds foreign to you, it’s okay.

Follow along as we discuss the nitty-gritty of scrubbing a home from top to bottom.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a comprehensive form of cleaning for each room or space of the home.

During a regular cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, wiping the sinks, scrubbing the toilets, and cleaning counters occur.

Deep cleaning takes it up a notch to include under and behind kitchen appliances, the oven, faucets, showerheads, dusting on top of crown molding, and under the sink.

Why Does Your House Need It?

Over time, dirt gets tracked into the house.

If you have children and pets, the addition of pet dander and germs increases.

Staying current with cleaning can be a chore itself, but a clean home is better for allergies and wellness.

During cold and flu season, airborne germs are everywhere.

However, it doesn’t need to be chilly outdoors for someone to get sick. Mildew and mold might develop in most areas. So deep cleaning the bathroom and kitchen are necessary to combat filth and prevent unwanted fungi.

How to Deep Clean Your House

When it comes to a deep house cleaning, it’s essential to prepare beforehand.

Create a list of cleaning supplies.

Write down which rooms to do. You don’t want to attempt to do it all in a brief period, so making a schedule is wise.

Select background music to keep you motivated as you move around. Wear comfy clothing that handles dirt.


Bathrooms get a lot of gross, stinky use.

Sure, some bathrooms are designed to be a spa, but if soap scum, mildew, and toilet rings invade, the relaxation diminishes.

When preparing to deep clean the bathroom, remember to wear gloves. You don’t want any germs getting under fingernails or inside small cuts.

Pull out the scrubbing brush, sponges, and cleaners.

Start by sprinkling or spraying cleanser into the tub or shower. Let it sit for a few minutes. Move on to the sink and counters. Spray the cleaner and wipe down.

Go back to the tub or shower for cleaning and rinsing.

Next, spray the cleaner into the toilet and scrub. If it’s dirtier than usual, allow the cleaning product to sit for a moment before using the brush. Wipe down the toilet seat, back, and base.

After the tub, toilet and sink are tidy tend to the floors but sweeping and mopping.

Then check out the windows. Wipe the windowsill, the glass, and top where dust or cobwebs could lurk if you haven’t done so in a while wiping the blinds and curtains too.

Before exiting, ensure the mirrors are sprayed and cleaned too.


Our bedrooms allow us to rest and escape the world, so keeping a tidy and organized boudoir shouldn’t be ignored.

Depending on the size of a bedroom, this could be time-consuming. But since you know where everything should go, that will help things along.

Picking up any clothing or items on the floor, bed, dresser, is a good start. Next, vacuum or sweep the carpet.

Wipe down the dressers, nightstands, mirrors, televisions, and windows.

Then change the bedding and wash them. Remake the bed with clean linen.

If your closet needs re-organizing, this is a great time to do it. Don’t be afraid to toss away or donate unwanted clothing.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it deserves to shine.

Cooking takes its toll on the chef and the stove. When deep cleaning the stove and oven should receive extra attention, especially the hood.

The refrigerator-freezer holds our food, but it also contains germs. Take out all of the food and wipe down each tray and drawer.

Spray and scrub the outside of the refrigerator. Vacuum the dust on the bottom, underneath, and behind the appliance.

Spray and clean the countertops and sink. Sprinkle baking soda into the sink and allow it to sit. Scrub with a brush and rinse with warm water. Wipe off the faucets with a sponge.

Remove the trash from the wastebaskets. Spritz the cleaning product into the trashcan and then wipe it out.

Clean off the windows, sweep the floors and mop.

Living Room

The living room holds many events like family gatherings or game night.

During a deep cleaning, it’s smart to focus on where people sit and pay attention to the couch. Vacuum it and use a lint roller if pets live in the home. Use an upholstery-safe cleaner to remove spots or stains.

Push the furniture out of the way to sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor.

Then, dust the coffee tables, end tables, television, and ceiling fan blades.

Be sure to clean the windows, starting at the top and working your way down.

Wash the walls and blinds with lemon water to freshen up the room.

Toss the curtains into the washing machine if needed.

Laundry Room

Clean off the outside of the washer and dryer.

Use a washing machine cleaner during a cycle to keep the appliance performing well. Empty the lint filter of the dryer.

Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor.

Start Cleaning

Whether it’s your first or fifth time completing a deep cleaning, the pros always outweigh the cons.

If your physical health or weekly schedule makes it difficult to deep house clean, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Browse our blog to learn more helpful cleaning tips.


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