Is it Possible to Learn Spanish fast? Here is how

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Spanish is one of those languages that people sometimes call easy to learn. Unlike German for example, which ranks rather in the category of difficult.

Learning Spanish quickly is not impossible. It is enough with the right resources, to practice the right tips, and a learning method adapted to learn Spanish quickly. If you can add a trip to have Spanish class Barcelona you probably will make it faster.

Do not waste a minute: in this page you have all the elements necessary for your learning Spanish. ¡Vamos!

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is one of the most useful languages ​​to learn. Why? Above all, because it is one of the most spoken and used languages ​​in the world. More than 500 million people in 44 countries use it every day. In addition to being one of the most useful, it is also one of the most used around the world.

If you want to go to work in one of the Latin American countries, knowing Spanish will only open doors for you. Not to mention the “cultural doors”. Beyond the work / financial aspect, it is a whole continent that you can discover, as many people to meet, new cultures and landscapes to explore.

Spanish is a language called phonetic: it is written as it is pronounced. No bad surprises. So, knowing the usefulness of Spanish around the world, why not take advantage of this and learn it? Spanish is also and finally a very beautiful language, rhythmic and sunny.


How to learn Spanish quickly?

Convinced? To learn Spanish alone and quickly, it is important to work at the same time: your vocabulary (enrich your dictionary! ( ), your understanding of the language, your pronunciation and oral expression.

It is by working on these 4 elements, in priority, that you will be able to quickly communicate in the language. Spanish is a living language that you have to work regularly and to live, truly. Thus, here are some tips to quickly progress by working precisely these 4 points.

Tip # 1: enrich your vocabulary with real friends

The first element evoked: the vocabulary is essential to communicate in the language. There are many similar words in English and Spanish. A first tip to quickly communicate in Spanish would be to list all these Spanish words that have the same root as our English words. Then to review / learn. This will allow you to leave with a good base.

Tip # 2: Watch news channels in Spanish

To both work your listening comprehension and enrich your vocabulary, the second tip is to regularly look at the information in Spanish. Viewing information in a foreign language is always a good tip to familiarize your ear with the language.

In Spanish, this trick is valid more than ever! It must be said that Spanish speakers are known to have a good speed of speech… In other words, it is not always easy to follow the thread of the conversation. Even more when you are getting started in Spanish. Following the news channels is a good exercise to familiarize yourself with this speed.

On the other hand, many news channels often summarize the main news in writing that they scroll on a bandwidth. This will allow you to have written information, if you have trouble recognizing it orally.

Tip #3: practice regularly with foreign correspondents

Another aspect of language, oral expression. This is a very important aspect of Spanish because, as we said, it is a living language that must be practiced. To learn at the same time the rhythm, the pronunciation, the accents: there is no choice but to practice it.

Fortunately, in recent years, we find more and more sites of linguistic exchanges. They allow you to meet and be in touch with people from around the world who like you wish to exchange in a foreign language.

3 foolproof ways to learn Spanish quickly

  1. Take Spanish classes in Barcelona through an institute like Expanish. This will help you to have a guided learning in order to organize and review the content.
  2. Practice by participating in extracurricular activities, such as excursions or Spanish focused activities, like cooking or dancing.
  3. Stay at a homestay during your study abroad to be able to practice Spanish as much as possible with a local even when not at school.

Expanish is the perfect school to learn Spanish fast. Professors teach using the communicative method, meaning students are using Spanish from day one. Whether you’re looking to study for one week or 12, you can achieve your Spanish language learning goals.


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