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Many family Christmas traditions are going in the wind. Blame it on commercialization or just laziness, Christmas is not what it used to be a few decades ago. One such custom getting less popular as we speak is sending out Christmas cards. There was once a time when family portraits were taken specifically for sending out Christmas cards and newsletters to friends and family. Today, everyone owns a high-definition camera in their smartphones and yet, not as many Christmas cards as it used to be. Today, there are numerous websites where you can create your own Christmas cards with photographs, illustrations, and even 3D art. These digital sites have made it easier to design unique cards, send them off within a matter of seconds via online platforms and even reduce the overall cost. Say, you are choosing to send a perfect Christmas card, this year. What should you know?

Metaphorical meaning of colors in Christmas cards

There is no harm in choosing a card in any color or even with a spectrum of all known colors. There are digital card designers, who can provide you round 180 different color options. However, if you are choosing to stick with traditional styled Christmas cards, here are the top colors to opt for.


If you are planning to express your joy for spring or wish them a new beginning, it is traditionally a green card. People choose cards with evergreen plants like mistletoe, holly, ivy, and others as an indication of life surviving even through the harsh dark winter.


Red is the most common color associated with Christmas. Psychologically, red induces desire, happiness, and holiness. However, red subconsciously reminds us of the ever-jolly Santa Claus.


Gold is an indication of warmth. It is also used to represent the holiness as it indicates stars, which led the three wise men to Jesus. Silver also is used for the same metaphor.


White is purity and is an indication of snow. White is also an indication of paradise, which metaphorically wishes them to have happiness for Christmas and days following it.


Blue represents Mother Mary. During medieval times, blue was an expensive color and was used only by rich and royal people. Presenting someone with a blue card represents that the recipient is a very important person. Alternatively, purple can also be chosen for the same meaning.

Go digital

Gone are the days, where you would walk from store to store, check out the cards, read the wordings and move on to the next store to find the perfect one. Say, you are sending Christmas cards to your next-door neighbors, you should be lucky to find such a specific card in the store. The best choice for company holiday cards with logo or workplace photographs would be digital cards

Photo cards

If you are looking for personalized holiday cards, you can choose photo cards. How to create the best photo card? Here are numerous online platforms where you can create your own photo cards.

Step 1: Choose the perfect photo. It could be a formal family portrait or a funny incident.

Step 2: Do not cover the entire page with the photo. Leave some white space in the top or at the bottom for typing the wish.

Step 3: Apart from the photo, try to add simple designs to enhance the beauty of the photo. Most common designs are floral, mistletoe, fern, stars and others

Step 4: Pour your heart out in the passage of wish. Keep it simple and make it a point to bring a simple smile to their lips. Try to make them remind of some sweet memories with your card. It is all about happy memories.

Go green

Are you someone who is planning to send a Christmas postcard to numerous people without breaking your bank? Well, it is the world of technology and the whole world is within your palms. You can create e-cards and send them via mail, social media and other options. This is getting more trendy with the growing earth-friendly population and the advantages of a digital card like, you can make as many changes as possible, create a personalized design and it takes less time and effort.


Say, you have chosen your Christmas card design, writing, and others. Your next step should not be to print out everything and send it to you in the mail. (howefarmstn) You need to know the quality of ink, paper, photo and so on. The size mentioned in the site would be in inches. You cannot have a perspective of the size. You shouldn’t end up buying hundreds of mini-post cards. Ask them to send a sample photo card. Once you are fine with the product, you can buy it in bulk.


This is the place where usually people miss out on details. The best xmas cards presented in the worst envelope would not express the message as expected. You need to make sure that the envelope color contrasts with the color of your card. If your card is white, go for a grey envelope. If your card is green, go for red or brown and so on. If you are planning to write something on the envelope, it is better to choose a light-colored envelope. The quality of the envelope is also very essential.

Something extra

Some websites provide beveled foil look, some offer small beads and the list goes on and on. The main idea here is to make the recipient remember your card until next Christmas when you try to up your game to the next level.


You can find a card with all the above-stated elements for a dollar or even fifty. However, remember that it is a card and it is not wise to spend a fortune on cards. Choose sites with reasonable budgets. If possible, choose sites with holiday discounts. There are sites that offer Christmas discounts even from October.

You can always find custom designs on the sites. It is as good as choosing a store-bought card. Always make it unique and personal. After all, Christmas comes once a year and you need to make it special.



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