Cooked to Perfection: The Proper Way to Make Cannabutter

Here are seven easy steps for a great cannabutter - from the boiling of the butter/marijuana mixture to the straining and the cooling. Courtesy Bruce Wolf

There’s no doubt that cannabutter is among the most popular edibles today. Yet, it’s surprising that many do not know how to make cannabutter. Aside from the already-given benefits of improving sleep, relieving cancer-related symptoms, and reducing depression and anxiety, there’s also the fact that you get all these without the need to smoke. Plus, you can use it for a lot of your favorite snacks and meals, like cookies, brownies, pasta sauces, mac, and cheese even.

How to Make Cannabutter

While there are plenty of stores selling cannabutter, a lot of people choose to take the DIY route, by finding ways on How to Make Cannabutter online. If you are one of the bunches, the proper way of preparation is highly important.

First Things First: Decarb 

Baking the cannabis is a must before making the cannabutter. Cannabis buds release THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), a non-intoxicating acidic cannabinoid, which gets converted into THC when cannabis is smoked or vaporized. That’s what puts people in the euphoric state. In the case of making edibles then, heating should happen to produce that same effect. The process of THCA becoming the active compound THC is called decarboxylation.

So, how exactly do you ‘decarb’? First, preheat your oven to 240 – 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, put 14 grams of cannabis on the baking sheet and let it cook for about half an hour. Extend the duration to an hour when you’re cooking fresh cannabis. On the flip side, reduce the time window to about 20 minutes if you have older plants. Don’t forget to cover the tray with parchment paper so you can avoid sticking.

Mix the cannabis every 10 minutes, so the entire thing gets heated evenly. Once it turns into a dark brown-green color, the cannabis is already decarbed.

The Cooking Magic

Now that you already have the decarbed cannabis, it’s time to turn your attention on the butter. Boil some water in a medium saucepan. Once the water simmers, place the butter and let it melt completely. Mix it and slowly add the cannabis into it. Cover the pan and let it boil for 3 – 4 hours, stirring the mixture every half an hour or so to keep it from burning.

After the cooking, strain the cannabutter, say, with a cheesecloth placed over a container. Pour it over and let it drain. Let the blend cool at room temperature for an hour. From there, store it in the fridge. The goal is for the butter to rise above the water, and be completely separated from it. Once you achieve that, scoop it from the container and transfer it to another. Finally, for the last step, keep it in your fridge. Voila, you already have your home-made cannabutter!

Remember, it’s crucial to get the right dose so you can achieve the desired effect. Do a ‘dose-test’ by adding a half teaspoon of the cannabutter to your meal and observe how your body reacts. Add more or reduce accordingly. Treat this as your standard for preparing other edibles.


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