A Guide to Housing Options for College Students

A Guide to Housing Options for College Students

Where you live while at college can impact your academic success, social life, and financial situation. It is a decision that deserves careful consideration.

And for most college students, this will be the first time living away from home. This makes the decision even more important.

Before you go booking a dorm at orientation, look at all the options available to you.

It may be overwhelming at first, but luckily we have put together an overview of all the housing options for college students.

On or Off-Campus Housing Options for College Students

Your first decision will be to live on- or off-campus. This is the biggest factor when considering where to live in college.

On-campus housing allows you to be a part of the college culture, from being close to classes to socializing with roommates. But, it also may mean less privacy and a small room, as well as strict rules.

Off-campus options give you a chance to explore the town, meet different people, and gain valuable life skills. But, it also provides distractions from college life and takes more responsibility.

Once you choose to live on- or off-campus, you have to decide your living arrangement.

On-Campus Options

Many freshmen decide to stay on-campus in order to ease their way into living independently while immersing themselves into college life. But, many people do not know that there are several college student housing options.

Resident Dorms

These buildings are located right on campus so you can walk to class. The rooms are usually small, contain a shared bathroom, and don’t usually have a kitchen.

Greek Houses

If you join a fraternity or sorority then this college housing is available. These houses are private residents that may be on the outskirts of the campus. You may get your own room, but the living quarters are shared.

Freshmen usually aren’t allowed to join so you will have to wait at least a year.


These are member’s only housing options where you share the responsibility of chores and maintenance of the home with several housemates. Some universities provide this option or you can find a private organization off-campus.

Off-Campus Options

Off-campus housing takes a little more research and searching since you will not have the college resources at your disposal. You may find it appealing if you want an independent lifestyle and it could be more cost-effective.

Living with Parents

Probably for financial reasons, living with your parents is the most common option chosen by most students. It may not give you the independence you desire but it is cheap if your parents don’t start charging your rent.

Single Apartment/House

The most expensive option would be renting your own place. Places like Tallahassee apartments student housing gives you quiet studying space. It also means you will have to pay for everything from rent to utilities yourself.

Renting With Roommates

Finding a large house with roommates can be the most fun of the college housing options or the worst experience. You want to share the responsibility of renting a home with mature roommates that will help clean, cook and pay their share.

Get Help From Your School

When deciding which housing options for college students you should choose, talk to your university to get more advice. They can tell you about the style of dorms available, help find roommates, and may assist with off-campus housing.

To help you with your new home visit our ‘for the home’ section for cleaning and decorating tips.


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