5 Best Essential Oils for Pain Relief

5 Best Essential Oils for Pain Relief

The CDC estimates around 50 million Americans have chronic pain. That means they experience pain almost every day.

Whether you have chronic pain or just want relief from sore muscles after a workout, you might not want to pop a pill. You might wonder if there are any good alternatives.

These five essential oils for pain relief could be the solution you’re looking for. Give one or all of them a try and get a better handle on all kinds of aches and pains.

1. Peppermint Tops All Essential Oils for Pain

You might think of peppermint as a type of candy, but the oils from the plant are what create that distinct flavor.

As it turns out, peppermint oil is great for treating inflammation, tension, and any other type of pain. That’s because it’s full of menthol. Menthol is one of the best natural alternatives to ibuprofen you can get.

The next time you’re feeling aching or sore, rub some peppermint oil on your skin or hop in a hot bath.

2. Try Eucalyptus After a Workout

When it comes to essential oils for muscle pain, eucalyptus may not be the first word that springs to mind. As it turns out, this essential oil is just as good at relieving muscle soreness as it is at helping to soothe colds.

Better yet, eucalyptus provides a cooling effect, which can help relax sore muscles. Relax with a diffuser or get a soothing massage after a hard workout, and you’ll feel better in no time.

3. Lavender Oil Eases Inflammation

Lavender is popular for its healing properties. It’s been shown to have effects on sleep, which is why many people put it in their bedroom. It also reduces anxiety.

You can also try this essential oil for inflammation. Simply inhaling it through a diffuser or from a hot bath can help relieve pain and swelling fast.

4. Clary Sage Oil Promotes Relaxation

If you’re looking for the best massage oil, you may want to consider clary sage oil. This oil is effective at reducing muscle tension as well as promoting relaxation. It’s a great choice for massage for that reason.

That’s not all this herb can do though. The antioxidants in clary sage may help to reduce inflammation.

If you’re looking for even more powerful pain relief, consider combining clary sage with lavender oil.

5. Rosemary Oil is a Sound Choice

The most popular essential oil for pain is a staple herb in many kitchens. Rosemary can be much more than seasoning for your next meal though.

Rosemary has been found to have analgesic effects, which means it can help numb pain. It’s also an anti-inflammatory. Its antioxidant properties can help boost the immune system as well, which makes it a great choice for the winter months.

Add a splash of rosemary to your bathwater or ask for it at your next massage.

Relieve Pain and Get Back to What You Love

There are many essential oils for pain. These are a few of the best. Experiment and find which ones work best for you.

Relieving pain can help you live your best life. If you’re looking for more ways to improve your health and fitness, we have plenty of tips just for you.


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