Malta has got its Unique Positioning in the Clutter of Mediterranean Tourist Location

holidays in malta

Malta offers a wide spectrum of tourist attractions ranging from monuments of historical importance to sun-kissed golden beaches touching the feet of the endless stretch of the deep blue sea. It is a small island country nestled in the central Mediterranean Sea and lies between Sicily and North African shore. Malta lies circumscribed by the exotic tourist destinations comprising of Spain, Italy, and Greece. Malta is an ideal destination for those who want to take the path that is less traveled. Malta is still not prominently featured in the traditional list of the populace holiday destination. You still might have calm and quiet beaches in Malta where you can interact with the sea through all your senses all day without having anyone around to intervene in your interface with the sea. This is in stark contrast with the overcrowded beaches with tourists pushing each other to make some room to get themselves captured in selfies against the backdrop of a sacred beach, with an objective to post it on social networking sites to garner likes and comments. But Malta can throw upon you a different perspective of life which lies contrary to the state of being under the limelight of social attention.

You can keep wandering aimlessly the whole day through the maze of narrow lanes and alleys in Malta in order to get lost in the journey of life in the pursuit of rediscovering yourself afresh or you can go on a date with yourself in some unknown coffee shop in order to explore what lies beneath your mind while having refreshing sips from fuming coffee surrounded by a peaceful environment where you can hear your own heartbeats. Spending a vacation in Malta is more like being in a meditation session which will help you unclog your mind to equip you with a clearer perspective of life.


Malta welcomes guests with open arms


Malta is known for its generosity towards the tourists, who visit the country. You can, in fact, feel the warmth of the hospitality in every single nook and corner of the country. Once you visit Malta, you will start feeling a strong sense of belongingness deep inside your heart towards the ethos of Maltese culture resulting in an urge to take a trip back to Malta. Being hospitable to guests is an intrinsic virtue that is propagated by the values and cultural ethos that Maltese people believe in. Therefore, the indigenous population of Malta inherits the warm welcoming smile ever sparkling in their lips with which they meet and greet the tourist.

Malta has a deep-rooted tradition of offering accommodation to guests at a reasonable price. Hence, tourists are left with a wide pool of options of homestay in different price brackets to choose from. The idea of Homestay is fast picking up the pace in Malta, offering guests an opportunity to indulgence in the homely atmosphere in a typical Maltese locality, which will eventually open the doors for someone to intermingle with the local community in order to know more about their lifestyle and behavior from a close quarter. So the act of letting in malta has always seemed like a homecoming for many people who keep coming to the country quite often.

Being in Malta is as domestic an experience as being at home

English is reported to be the second official language of Malta. Therefore, a tourist from typically English speaking countries of Europe or elsewhere will find it to quite comfortable to interact with the locals. One can communicate with Maltese people in English as effortlessly as they communicate on the streets of London. In Malta, one does not need to stumble over the language barrier, which is quite common in a few parts of Spain or Italy where people can only converse either in Spanish or their vernacular language. There is a popular proverb in English which says you are required to be a Spaniard when you are in Spain and Italian when you are in Italy, but you are very much allowed to be true to yourself when you are in Malta.

Moreover, Malta offers a wide array of options to tourists in terms of how they want to spend their vacation. A lot of people may want to spend their vacation simply by laying on the beach and savoring the sight and sound of the sea. Beaches in Malta are quite tranquil in nature. You can listen to the cacophony of the sea while walking down on the beach, leaving your footprints below on the sand. It is the perfect destination for the new couples too.

A sea coupled with a reticent beach with so much calm around you makes for a perfect setting to put things into perspective before embarking on a new journey in life. If you have a knack for revisiting history through the eyes of the present, you can also go for a journey to the past through the rich historical memoir manifested through monuments, architecture, and cathedrals which still stands in witness of the past. So next time you will find yourself in a fix over choosing a destination for the forthcoming vacation, Malta can find a spot at the top of your priority list.


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