Malta: A tourist’s Paradise

places to visit in malta

If you are in love with beaches, this archipelago can be your next destination in the bucket list. With Africa and Sicily being its neighbor, Malta is located amidst the Mediterranean Sea and is famous for its several caves located under the sea and eye-catching architectural views of its innumerable temples. Now, let us discuss some of the best places to visit in this island country:

The best places to visit in Malta

The city of Valletta – The fortress city of Valetta, is the capital of Malta. The Malta international airport is only 5 km Southwest to Valletta. Since it is Europe’s smallest capital city, so it’s perfect for walking around in the hidden streets; no doubt it’s a wonder to enjoy the beautiful architecture. One would get to see a handful of canons across the city, but the Baraka Gardens is a perfect spot where a series of canons are fired at noon, 4 pm, called the “Saluting Battery”. Most amazingly, Valletta is studded with almost 300 monuments, so according to UNESCO, it is the most concentrated historical place in the world. Alongside eye tickling experiences it also serves with some fairly good restaurants and hotels for the tourists who arrive at Malta.

The city of Mdina – Taking a local bus from Valletta or by hiring a car u can get to the previous capital of Malta, i.e., Mdina. This tends to be one of the most beautiful cities of Malta including the St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is a great attraction.

The Stunning Blue Grotto – One can take a short boat trip to reach the Blue Grotto, which is an absolutely stunning place to visit. It gives u unforgettable views because you would find all the colors on the rocks in the late afternoon, there are also mighty overhanging rocks. The boat trips allow u to venture the most amazing sea caves that would leave u in amazement.

Sliema: This is another city located near to the Valletta, which is a lot quieter than Valletta. It is fun to spend time here, and this place is also a lot cheaper.

Manoel Theatre – It is an important venue for performing Arts.  It is Europe’s Third oldest working theatre.

St. Elmo’s and St. Angelo’s – This is the most renowned museum in Malta, which is a must-watch.

Castille Palace – It is an auberge in Valletta and is a huge castle and definitely a great site to visit.

Grand Master’s Palace – It is officially known as The Palace. It houses currently the office of the president of Malta It is of Mannerist and Baroque type of architectural style hence is a beautiful structure to look at.

The National Aquarium – It is a modern Aquarium with local fish species, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. It also houses a gift shop and cafe.

Falconry Centre – Several species of birds of prey that are well trained are found here and is an objective to reintroduce the ancient art of falconry in Malta.

The Jesus Tree – This tree has a striking resemblance to Christ on the Cross and hence catches the eyes of the tourists, and they eagerly visit this place. It’s no wonder it amuses people a lot. According to Maltese, a local tree was hit by a lightning strike long ago, and this structure was formed.

Old prison – The walls of the cells and corridors are covered in graffiti, which is the largest known collection of historical Graffiti in on the Maltese islands. These graffiti are fascinating to tourists and make it a tourist spot.

Calypso’s cave – The Ramla Bay overlooks the glorious red sands of the finest beach of Gozo, which is one of the Maltese islands. And as an astonishingly beautiful beach, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. On the shore, the Calypso’s cave is now inaccessible to tourists due to geological movement but can be viewed from a bit far. And the heartwarming views would make you, visit there again.

Duck Village of Gzira –  As per the name, we can guess that this village has something related to ducks. The idea originated from FKNK in the hope that there would be more birds for the visitors to see. All kinds of ducks are found in this village, and they are fed and bred for aesthetic and natural purposes.

The Victoria Citadel – Last but not least is the Victoria Citadel.  It is also known as the Castello. Along the winding streets, we can find numerous museums like the Cathedral museum, museum of Archaeology The Folklore museum and a lot more. Thus, this place is a tourist hotspot.

The last word

In a nutshell, the Malta archipelago offers you the best possible snaps of historically enriched and peaceful aura that you can get nowhere else in the world. You can also avail of cheap hotels in malta if you make your prior bookings. You can also search online for the best deals and discounts in such hotels. Apart from everything else, Malta also offers you the best climate across Europe and can prove to be the ultimate destination.




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