Beauticians & the Beast: How Insurance Claims Can Destroy Your Beauty Business

beauty insurance

Owning a business is complicated. It’s not enough to worry about making it successful. The costs of doing business are real and can be expensive if you don’t protect yourself. If you’re operating in the beauty industry, it’s essential to carry beauty insurance for beauticians. The small expense of an insurance premium can save you the large expense of an uncovered catastrophe.

What Can Go Wrong?

It doesn’t matter if you operate out of a salon, your home or if you take your beauty business mobile, carrying beauty insurance as a beautician is needed because of all the things you can’t anticipate.

Bad Weather & Natural Disasters

Imagine coming into your shop to see a tree crashed through your front window or the floors are flooded from a hard rainstorm. Not having insurance means having to cover the costs of these damages out of your own pocket. If you have to shut down for a few days while repairs are made, your business can suffer too.

Business Interruption Coverage

Choose a beauty insurance policy that covers the time period you’re shut down due to repairs. Read the policy guidelines carefully to see exactly when it’s best to use this and adequate reasons your insurer will compensate you for the days of lost business.


Being in the beauty industry means dealing with thousands of dollars worth of tools and inventory. If your shop is ever broken into or you’re ever robbed, you’ll want to file a police report to submit to your insurance company when filing a claim to replace any stolen items. It’s best to take pictures of inventory and stock as you purchase them so you have proof in case of a situation like this. It’s a lot easier to get reimbursed for items when you have photos and receipts to submit along with your claim.

Professionally Staffed & Professionally Insured

It goes without saying that every beautician — at some point or another — has had a client that didn’t like the end result of their treatment. Even worse is if your client is harmed due to an allergic reaction to one of your products or from the beautician themselves. If your client decides to sue for a treatment that left them injured, you leave yourself on the hook if you don’t carry beauty insurance to cover negligence. If the client slips and falls, they’re hurt by a service, have a reaction to a service or are harmed by an inexperienced beautician they can take you and your business to court for the damages. Cover yourself and your business with beauty insurance for beauticians.

What To Do Next?

After you’ve selected the insurance policy needed to cover the range of services you offer as a beautician along with your operating space, you should keep in mind a few things:

  • Assess your policy annually as your business grows and changes, your policy may need to do so as well
  • Make sure your shop and tools are locked up tight to prevent break-ins and theft
  • Keep a list of numbers to businesses that can help you prevent a disaster in the long-run by providing maintenance in the short-term, like plumbers, electricians and contractors

Make sure you have the right beauty insurance as a beautician to help keep you, your money, and your business covered in case of unforeseen circumstances that can occur at any given moment.


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