Savor the Escarpments of a Drive

escarpment drive

Like, in the poem “All the world’s a stage” by William Shakespeare, life is just a blend of seven stages with passing ages, flying out of cages into a world of copious sages. Life is just like a mountain climb, where, in the initial stages it is an expedition, you go uphill, panting and gasping, trying to find new adventures every day. A time comes in life when you reach the peak where u bask in the glory and not very late after that, you are hit with the realization that downhill is that you need to go and that the journey downhill wouldn’t be as dynamic and exuberant as it was uphill and it culminates at the same place from where you started, back into the ground to finally slump back into the sand we merely are.

Extremes of the spectrum

All are born as a product of love after nine months’ confinement inside the safest place on earth. Leaving that confinement means to move into the most volatile environment, where one takes baby steps into the undulations of life and standing back up on your feet waters your roots to the stage where conscience is born. This conscience and mapping out of the future actions are not limited to one particular stage of life but are scattered throughout your lifetime and the efforts one put in to grab those at the earliest is what matters the most. With high cognitive skills developing within each person in these growing years, all that one takes in is what comes out in the later stages of life.

Extremes of the spectrum

The other end of the spectrum is where you fall back into a very similar stage of ‘insignificant skills and malleability.’ Here you could go back to the toothless, hairless stage, but just with larger body proportions. The older days are not so easy to handle, be it themselves or even the ones that are around them. With age, the psyche of a human being too diminishes in standards of perception which is a fact that needs no denial.

In these older days of one’s life, the chances of frequent perils on themselves and others are sky-high. No specific being could be blamed for these behavioral changes in a human as their age shoots up, since it is normal human nature to step back into their previous stages of life.

Age is a rampant thing with zero gravity and no bridle to control its movement, so are the skills and working of their brains.

When behind the wheel

Driving too is a skill like any other which is acquired in the lane of learning, which at an old age is likely to have a fragile nature and put both the driver and passengers at risk. It is a risky business for the other road users as well when passing by these older drivers, be it other vehicle users or pedestrians.

Possible risks

When an aged person is behind the wheel, the risks to traffic safety is doubled. With the receding levels of perceiving skills and reactions, the risks that an older driver can pose on the safety of the road users are quite high.

  • Diverting thoughts could take the heedful driving off track and take the vehicle skidding to serious accidents
  • Slower perception skills of the brain, risk by itself the driving process, which is one task that requires immense concentration.

Possible risks

At an older age when these skills to drive, gradually decline within them, even after being proved medically; they almost rebuke it and individually try to foster within them driving skills with reformed methods of it that could fundamentally change the already grounded skills that indirectly invites danger. Many of the accidents are a result of self-regulatory actions of these aged people and there happen to be numerous reports of such incidents.

The driver is the brain of the car and what happens when the “brain of the brain” doesn’t function like it is supposed to. At those older days of your life it is natural to have multiple thoughts and a slowly developing stubborn attitude to remain self-sufficient. But it is always best to accept your medically declining abilities which to an extent is incurable so that your actions don’t result in bigger problems.

Car Insurance policies and compensations

The risk of being in an accident involving an aged person is when it comes to insurance policies and compensations, the older ones get affected more even in the cases where the part of being under fault stays obscure. Usually, the younger ones and adults remain unaware of their car insurance policies and how claims for damaged properties are to be made. If you have any car insurance-related queries you can take a look at this link: car insurance cost for 18 year old. When people seek compensations for the car which could have been damaged, most people don’t have a clarity on the insurance policies and how it works, so it is always good to have a wider knowledge about these workings and policies so that when one falls into that situation, the steps to be adopted does not remain a hazy concept.

As age goes by, the various driving forces of life start turning off and it is a natural change that occurs. The body and mind start taking different rates of reaction and fails to react together unlike in the younger days, so accept each stage of life with its natural repercussions and live each moment of it and savor even the most insipid ingredients it offers. Go uphill with etching every step on your memory wall, hit the peak and come downhill to the end with the scent of all the roses you plucked on the way up.


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