6 Smartwatches to Take from the Office to the Gym


Watches have evolved from keeping time to tracking your heart rate, steps, and fitness activity. The multifunctional aspect of watches today makes it a bestseller for consumers who want to look good and stay informed about their health. As the saying goes, “health is wealth.”

Like any Omega watch, these six smartwatches will be a testament to your personal style and keep you in tiptop shape. 

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple’s latest smartwatch tracks your heart rate and lets you know if anything is wrong. With additional features like Breathe and Noise, the Apple Watch Series 5 keeps your health top of mind.

With a display that’s always on, tracking your fitness activity has never been easier! With over 50 million songs to stream in Apple music, the perfect workout playlist is at the tip of your finger, or should I say, the top of your wrist. 

Don’t be afraid to take a quick dip in the pool after an intense workout because this smartwatch is water-resistant to 50 meters. 

You can personalize your Apple Watch with cases ranging from different materials like recycled aluminum and titanium. Match your band to your style and create a look that’s undeniably you.

Fitbit Versa Lite

Fitbit has a wide collection of smartwatches, catering to specific tastes of its consumers. The Versa Lite is the trimmed down version of its successful smartwatch, the Versa. Designed as a squared frame with rounded corners, the Versa Lite isn’t your traditional circular watch. 

This Fitbit keeps you on your toes because it sends you reminders to move. So hitting your daily goal won’t be a problem. It also tracks your sleep stages and gives you a personalized Sleep Score that shows you how to get better sleep at night.

With accessories ranging from classic leather to sport-friendly bands, the Versa Lite is an all-around smartwatch you need to have.

Verpro Smartwatch

The Verpro Smartwatch is an all-in-one accessory. Using DoSmarter technology, this smartwatch makes it easier to figure out if you need to give an extra push during workouts or pace yourself for better results. 

Whether you’re running, training, or playing a specific sport, Verpro has various modes so it can give you specific real-time statistics.

Strike off every item in your to-do list with Verpro’s information reminder feature and never get caught in the rain thanks to Verpro’s weather forecasting app. Integrated with a personal health tracker, Verpro also comes with mobile notifications, music connection, and remote camera control without missing a step in your life.

Personalize your screen and make Verpro the perfect accessory catered to any occasion

Fossil Sport

Conquer the day with help from the Fossil Sport Smartwatch. Designed to last over 24 hours, it’s the perfect lightweight companion for everyday life. 

You can get smarter health coaching and activity goals with Google Fit, powered by Google’s Wear OS. Don’t stress about leaving your wallet behind because you can pay using your Sport Smartwatch’s Google Pay wherever mobile payments are accepted.

The Sport Smartwatch comes in different colors and its round design will fit with almost any ensemble.

Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin outdid themselves when users asked for increased battery life because the Garmin Fenix 6 can last up to 120 days. Made for the active lifestyle, this sport device can push you to your limits and ultimately, your goals.

Unlike your everyday smartwatch, the Garmin Fenix is the wearable accessory for a variety of weather conditions. This smartwatch fits in whether you’re strolling the streets of New York City or trekking the high alpine trails of the French Alps. 

Polar M600

The Polar M600 doubles as your fitness trainer. The unique Smart Coaching feature translates your workout activity to actionable insights. Supported by Google’s Wear OS, the Polar Smartwatch does the data-crunching for you so you can see your fitness progress.

You can see all of your data in Polar Flow and use a training diary. Plan your workout ahead with analysis tools and track your improvements with progress reports. 

Have your own fitness tracking app? The Polar Smartwatch supports several third-party tracking applications for your convenience.

Fitness is an important aspect in life and it doesn’t hurt that these smartwatches make you look good and keep you healthy.

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