Here’s Why It’s Important to Travel After College, and How You Can Do It!

Here's Why It's Important to Travel After College, and How You Can Do It!

In the first three months of 2019 alone, almost 10 million Americans traveled overseas. The most visited destinations include Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, South America, and Central America.

Do you dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower, an exotic beach, Tokyo, and Macchu Picchu?

There’s more in this world to see than in your hometown. After you finish college, you have more time on your hands. What better way to reward yourself than with a visit to your dream destination?

However, traveling isn’t as easy as hopping a plane and taking a bunch of Instagram pictures.

First off, traveling is expensive. Costs per day vary between $50 and $125, depending on the country you visit.

In addition, traveling takes a lot of time to research and plan.

But travel after college is definitely possible — and well worth it.

Why It’s Important to Travel After College

Everyone always says it: “travel while you’re young.” As you grow older, you have more responsibilities. You have a 9-to-5 job, a mortgage to pay off, and possibly kids.

Immediately after college is when your life starts.

You don’t have to worry about college expenses — you can use that money toward your travel. You’re also still early enough in your career to where you can make good money and still be flexible.

Since you recently graduated from college, you likely still live with your parents. You’re saving an immense amount of money by not paying for rent, a mortgage payment, and utilities.

There are other reasons you should travel immediately after college.

You’ll Meet Amazing People

Traveling helps you connect with those of different cultures, backgrounds, and even different languages. You’ll not only gain friends around the world but you can learn a lot from your new friends.

Speaking of learning…

You’ll Learn A Lot

There’s a difference between learning about the Acropolis in school and visiting the Acropolis in person.

The best way to learn about a culture or a location is by visiting the destination.

You’ll get a first-hand view of the way the denizens live their lives, you’re navigating your way around the area, and you also discover the crazy quirks of your culture.

You’ll walk away from your experiences with an open mind. This helps you become a better-rounded adult.

You’ll Gain Freedom and Independence

Appreciate your independence while you’re young enough. Traveling gives you freedoms you never knew existed. You can plan your own vacation, decide where to visit and stay and get to accomplish your travel goals.

Since traveling is such a major learning opportunity, you’ll learn essential skills to help you become an independent adult. These skills include problem-solving, research, and how to handle getting out of your comfort zone.

There Are More Travel Opportunities Than Ever

We’ll discuss more about the specific travel opportunities in the next section. But if you think traveling is difficult, you’re wrong on so many levels. It’s easier to travel than ever.

You can book your flights, hotels, and any activities online. There are apps and travel agencies that can help you find the best deals on travel expenses.

Can’t speak the language? No problem — there are translation services and apps at your fingertips.

Even transportation and directions have improved — you can easily get from point A to point B with Uber and navigation apps ensure you don’t get lost.

How to Travel

Traveling is challenging for a beginner. Here are some useful travel methods to ensure you travel effectively and have fun.

Travel in a Group

If this is your first time traveling, traveling in a group is worth it.

Whether you have one travel companion, such as a SO or a best friend, or you travel with a huge group of friends, you can use the buddy system to ensure everyone books their trip correctly and you have someone to lean on.

Don’t have a travel buddy? You still don’t have to travel alone. You can take a day tour and meet a group of travelers you can buddy up with.

Does that mean solo travel is always out of the question? Most definitely not! But solo travel should be saved for experienced travelers.

Use Travel Apps

Just about every travel service has an app.

You can book your plane ticket through an app or a website. Major hotel chains and hotel services, such as Booking, offer convenient apps and a website platform to search for affordable hotel rooms.

Other useful apps to keep on your phone include language translation apps, navigational maps (such as Google or Apple Maps), and Uber/Lyft.

Safety Is Key

The world isn’t as scary as you think it is. However, it’s important to stay safe. You’re not familiar with the area, including the sketchy places you should avoid. That’s why you should always research ways to stay safe.

First and foremost, research the crime statistics in your area and where the most dangerous crimes occur. Make it a point to avoid any bad parts of town.

Always research the emergency phone number for the area you’re traveling. That number isn’t 911 in all parts of the world.

It’s also worth it to research customs in other parts of the world. This avoids a potentially bad situation — especially when you don’t mean to cause any trouble.

For example, certain countries require a certain dress code, which could be different than what you usually wear. Wearing normal clothes may offend others.

Certain actions should also be avoided.

For example, in some cultures, pushing and shoving people or cutting in line is totally normal. But doing this in a country such as the United States can irritate those around you, potentially starting a fight.

Travel After College: It’s Worth It

Do you dream of traveling? If so, travel after college. Trust us — it’s worth it.

For more travel advice, continue reading our blog.


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