Where to Install Wireless Security Cameras for Home Protection

Where to Install Wireless Security Cameras for Home Protection

It is becoming impossible to live without some form of a security system. Criminals are becoming increasingly brazen as people turn to online shopping and packages are left at the front door of homes.

Wireless security cameras are growing in popularity. They are easy to install and allows homeowners to see exactly what is happening on their property at all times.

Home security cameras sold by security companies have an added benefit of people on staff monitoring your home. If the alarm goes off, they can contact the police immediately and give a full description of the intruder.

Having the added security available also allows individuals to rest easier when in their homes. If an intruder comes on their property they can notify the police and seek safety.

Keep reading for the best places to install wireless outdoor home security cameras .

What is Wireless Security Cameras?

Wireless security camera systems are cameras installed in and outside of a home designed to capture unauthorized access to your property. The systems are operated off of your wireless internet service. Although they rely on a wireless server, not all systems are completely wireless.

When opting for this type of system, you need to ensure the wireless signal is strong enough to reach all camera locations. It is possible that obstructions like brick walls could interfere with the signal.

In the event your server goes down or loses power, the cameras will not work.

Property owners can have self-surveillance systems like these Honeywell products or they can pay a home monitoring service to protect their home. Before investing in a system ask important questions about the cameras reach and the legality of unintentionally filming your neighbor’s property.

Why is Positioning Crucial?

The positioning of your wireless cameras is crucial for several reasons. If an intruder enters your property, you want to know sooner rather than later. Positioning will also ensure you capture the best images of the intruder from all angles.

Camera position can also become a point of contention with neighbors. Security cameras positioned towards your neighbor’s home or backyard can be seen as an invasion of privacy. Capturing footage of their kids playing or someone sunbathing becomes questionable.

If you plan to install wireless outdoor security cameras be strategic and keep angles pointing towards your property. You also want to keep cameras out of hands reach of intruders.

Here are some suggestions.

Front Door

Security cameras located at your front door should be set at an angle that captures people approaching your front door. The angle can include the length of your walkway.

For homes with a porch and windows, angle the camera to cover the area or consider and extra camera in a corner opposite the door.

Garage Door

Having a camera near your garage door can help protect your vehicle from car theft. Coupled with security lights with motion systems you can deter someone from breaking into vehicles parked in the driveway.

An intruder is less likely to enter through a garage door to steal a car because car theft is a crime of opportunity. Someone breaking into your home can do so if the garage door access codes have been compromised. This is also true when homes do not have an automatic garage opener.

By placing a wireless camera above the garage you can get a full view of your driveway and the street.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are not always the most secure entryway into a home. Installing sensors that detect when the doors are opened is a good idea. Installing security cameras near your deck or lanai detects intruders early.

Cameras near patio doors are also for safety. If you have a swimming pool in the back yard you can monitor if a small child has gotten outside. They also help if you leave patio doors open for a pet.

Each Corner of the House

Every corner of your home needs a wireless security camera. Some homeowners believe this all they need. The cameras are attached to the soffit area an angled to capture anyone entering your property.

Homes situated on large pieces of property can capture activity up to five hundred feet away if there are no obstructions.

Inside the Door Bell

Ring doorbells are all the rave when it comes to catching porch pirates. The camera is tucked neatly inside the plate of the doorbell. It catches the thieves as they approach your door.

The range of these cameras is very good and can show activity out to the street if you have a street-facing door. The images are very clear and can pick-up license plates on vehicles as they drive away.

Unlike a lot of security cameras, Ring doorbells can capture audio.

Near Privacy Gates and Along Fencing

Privacy gates are another good place to install wireless cameras but keep in mind you could have issues reaching your server. Cameras along fencing give a great view of your home and entire property. It also provides more angel options.

In the event of criminal activity, you can provide law enforcement with multiple vantage points.

Inside the Home

Home security cameras are not limited to outdoors. Crimes taking place inside the home are also solved by the cameras. You can have cameras located near each entryway into the home.

If you have a safe for valuables consider a hidden camera in the area.

Curbside Mailboxes

Many communities still have curbside mailboxes. People don’t always think about mail theft but it still happens. Installing a camera inside your mailbox or somewhere on its exterior if you are concerned, is a good idea.

A wireless security camera on a curbside mailbox can also capture what’s happening on your street.

Is Your Home Secure?

Wireless security cameras are a great way to protect your home and they also allow you to monitor in-home service providers. Don’t leave your family unprotected. Look into a security system today.

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