Looks Matter: How to Get Rid of a House That’s Making Your Eyes Sore

Looks Matter: How to Get Rid of a House That's Making Your Eyes Sore

Low mortgage rates over the last few years helped many buyers get into a home of their own. Recent statistics show existing homes selling at an average annual rate of about 5.4 million.

But not everyone has an easy time selling an existing home. If you don’t have a home that’s fit for a TV show, don’t despair. Even ugly houses can sell fast.

How can you sell an ugly house? Keep reading for tips on selling your ugly house fast.

Priced to Sell

Do a walkthrough of the house and write down everything that makes it an ugly house. Decide what upgrades you’re willing and able to make.

Don’t want to make the upgrades? Don’t have time or the budget?

Consider finding a cash buyer. Many companies buy ugly homes “as is.” Try a company like this, https://www.webuyhouses-4cash.com/selling-your-ugly-house-for-cash/.

If you opt for a company that buys homes “as is,” they’ll be on the hook for the upgrades. Remember that when it comes to negotiating the price.

Affordable Upgrades

Even if you’re selling to a cash buyer, make the home as presentable as possible. You want to get the most for what you’ve got.


Potential buyers want space. Decluttering gives the appearance of spaciousness. Remove all clutter from countertops, desks, and dressers.

Also, remove personal, political, and religious items from the walls and shelves. Put any excess or overstuffed furniture in storage.

Declutter cabinets and closets. Potential buyers will look inside them!

Clean, Clean, Clean the House

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time for a serious deep clean. Use wet rags for dusting baseboards and HVAC vents.

Make sure the bathrooms and kitchen shine. Do you have broken or outdated fixtures? Consider changing them out for newer fixtures.

New Interior Paint

New interior paint in neutral light colors makes a big difference to the appearance of your home. Your little ugly house will appear more spacious and bright.

Make sure all light fixtures have working bulbs and use the highest wattage that’s safe for the fixture.

Get rid of heavy drapes and blinds. Let in as much light as possible.

Front Lawn and Door

Make sure your house has curb appeal. Mow the lawn at least once a week and trim the bushes. Keep the yard free of debris.

One of the first things potential buyers see after the yard is the front door. Make sure it’s looking good! This is an easy upgrade.

Buy a can of dark paint and give the door a fresh coat. Put some pretty potted plants by the door.

Selling an Ugly House

You can sell an ugly house! Make sure your asking price is realistic.

Don’t have time for showing the house? Use a company that buys old, rundown homes.

Declutter the cabinets, closets, and countertops. Get rid of extra and overstuffed furniture.

Make sure the house is as clean as it can get and let in as much light as possible. If possible, give the interior a fresh coat of paint. Work on your curb appeal so buyers want to come inside.

Looking for more advice about tasteful spaces? Keep reading the blog!


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