4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Goth

gothic heritage

Being Goth is more than dying your hair black, listening to rock music, or adopting a morbid personality. It is about subverting traditional ideas of normal and expressing yourself to the fullest. This opens up a lot of doors for customization based on your personal taste. Personally, I have been in love with Goth fashion and everything it stands for. So, by laying out my personal journey, let me guide you how to channel your inner Goth and showcase what you stand for.

Learn About the Gothic Heritage

This first thing that must be done if you want to connect with your inner Goth is to learn how and where it began. The word Goth has a lot of historical importance. The whole scene originated from an ancient tribe known as Visigoths. Ancient history indicates that they invaded Rome at a point and has been gaining followers since then.

The origins of the contemporary Goth style, including dark black hair, dark clothing, and makeup, and mysterious jewelry are found in the Victorian cult of mourningfo the 19th century. Since its inception, Goth fashion caught a lot of popularity and spread like wildfire in the region.

Finding the Right Costume

The most common mistake people make is confusing the term Gothic and Goth. Where they both are linked up to a point, Gothic is a subculture of Goth inspired by medieval fashion and its mysticism. If you expect that being Gothic is only about wearing dark clothes, then you are wrong. Black color was mainly used by the Goths for mourning, but it has caught on as the stereotypical fashion today. The Romanticism era of Goth history was all about beauty and emotions. Where black shirts with graphic prints are the current fashion, if you want to go all out, you can go for detailed blouses with a high neck or full frocks with corset to channel your inner Goth to a maximum. At the end of the day it’s more about what you are comfortable in rather than what you should wear.

It’s All about Accessories

For me, connecting with your inner Goth is mainly about the accessories you wear. You can look for lace chockers or leather gloves to give a touch of delicacy and mysticism. Rings with dark colored stones or skull designs give a very meaningful look, which seamlessly lets you unleash your inner Goth. By taking a look at the Cradle of Goth rings collection, you can find something that defines your style and matches your personality.

Be True to Yourself

The most important thing that you need to remember is that you don’t have to fake anything. You only have to wear dark makeup, or get tattoos, or dye your hair if you want to do it. Just because you’re a Goth doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way to prove it. Where Goth stands for mysticism and dark culture, it also promotes romanticism and emotions. You will only be able to connect with your inner Goth if you are true to yourself.


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