Surprising Health Benefits of Compression Socks

health benefits

Poor blood circulation can be a severe health issue. This condition can lead to specific symptoms such as numbness, pain, and swelling.

Poor blood circulation may even lead to severe complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), phlebitis, and chronic venous insufficiency. Fortunately, compression socks provide a solution to this predicament.

Whether you are an athlete who plays various sports, has a desk job that requires to be stationary, or someone who participates in marathons, read on as this discusses the health benefits of compression socks.

Promotes Circulation

Compression socks or stockings are specially designed garments for compression therapy.

In a nutshell, compression socks promote blood flow from the lower extremities of your body towards the upper extremity by gently applying pressure to the legs and ankles.

By having good blood circulation, you are reducing your risk of developing DVT. According to Medline Plus, DVT is a blood clot that forms in a vein, which is common in the lower leg or thigh. It is possible that the blood clot can break loose and reach your lungs. It may cause pulmonary embolism that can lead to death.

Prevents Muscle Cramps

Mayo Clinic reports that muscle cramps can cause severe pain that makes it temporarily impossible to use the affected muscle. Overuse of a muscle causes muscle cramps, which explains why athletes or marathon runners frequently experience it.

Muscle cramps can also be caused by holding a specific position for quite an extended period. This reason backs up why employees stationed majority in their desks generally experience cramps.

Further, inadequate blood supply results in muscle cramps. Using compression socks assures you of having improved blood flow.

Supports Veins

 Because of the applied pressure to the lower extremities brought about by compression socks, the diameter of major veins is reduced, thus increasing blood flow.

Also, it helps in preventing venous ulcers that develop because of damage to the veins caused by the insufficient return of blood back to the heart.

Compression socks also prevent varicose veins from occurring. Likewise, compression therapy can help in lessening the pain caused by varicose veins.

Faster Muscle Recovery

 Whenever you engage in any strenuous physical activities such as leg workouts or marathon, the muscle fibers in your body get torn down. It may cause physical stress, which may lead to a condition called delayed onset muscle soreness.

By improving blood circulation, compression socks increase blood to your muscles ensuring proper nutrition, hastening the healing process, thereby improving muscle recovery.

Prevents Edema

Edema means the abnormal accumulation of fluid in specific tissues within the body, which is also caused by impeded circulation and hormonal changes. Pregnant women commonly experience edema because of hormonal changes and stay healthy during pregnancy and an increase in the volume of blood.

Compression socks improve fluid circulation in the body, which prevents accumulation, thereby preventing edema.

From the reasons mentioned above, compression socks without a doubt have incredible health benefits. Be sure to get them for yourself to prevent suffering from unwanted health conditions.


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