Why are dogs suitable for your health?


Everyone wishes to have a furry friend in their life, don’t they? While you may think that dogs are just another pet, they aren’t. You should understand that when you bring a dog home, you are aiming at keeping them and healthy. But it isn’t only that. Getting a four-legged animal for your house can be an excellent boost for your overall health. Moreover, the dogs can fill up your heart in ways you can’t imagine.

Over the years, studies have shown that dogs are suitable for your mental health. Having a dog in your house can contribute to improving the overall environment. You may not realize, but once you’re with your dog, every pain seems to vanish. Needless to say, that it is for this reason that the dogs often are considered to be one of the best pets on the planet, and you must take good care of them.

How does a dog bring benefits? 

If you are a dog-owner or if you are a volunteer, having a dog around in your life can be extremely beneficial. Some of the prominent health benefits of having a dog include the following

  • Improves heart health

Dogs can fill your heart with happiness. But, is that so? Dogs, apart from making your heart happy, also contribute towards making it durable. Various studies have shown the relation between owning a dog and having good heart health. One of the studies has shown that owning a dog can contribute towards lowering the blood pressure to a certain extent.

Apart from that, it is also healthy for reducing cholesterol, triglyceride levels. All these factors eventually contribute to better heart health. Such improvement further reduces the risk of a heart attack. You may not have noticed, but dog owners are less prone to heart attacks, and their chances of survival are more too.

  • Stay Active

If you have a dog, you already know how fond they are of going out on a walk. But it isn’t only about walking. Dogs love to be exercised. They love going around the park jumping and more. If given a chance, a dog can even run around the park for an entire day.

So, if you have a dog you will need to take them on a walk, play fetch and keep moving. Exercising the entire day or even for 2-3 hours with your dog can be a significant boost to your overall energy. Such activities may also be helpful for your mental and physical well-being.

  • Boost your mood

Studies have shown the mental benefit of owning a dog. Your dog is not only your best friend but something more than that. A dog can be a great companion. Owning a dog will make you feel like even when you have no friends, you do have a dog, which means a lot to you. Owning a dog can be a significant boost to your overall mood, thereby lowering the chances of depression. Moreover, studies have shown the benefits of owning a dog and preventing depression in men.

Even if you spend a half-hour with your pet, your mood will lighten up eventually. Moreover, spending time with your furry friend can boost the production of happy chemicals in your brain. This can further bring about tranquility and pleasure. So, if you have had a bad day at work, all you need to do is go back home to your furry friend.

  • Helps you lose weight

Weight loss is a struggle all of us go through at some point in our lives. Well, if you are one of those too, you can set out on a walk also. Spending time with your pooch can be a great way to reduce weight. It is scientifically proven that taking your dog on a walk every day can eventually make your move and thereby helping you reduce weight.

One of the studies has shown that people who walked their loaner dogs five times a week reduced around 14.4 pounds over a year. But, most importantly, you won’t even know that you’re losing weight. Since you are taking out your dog on a walk, it will be more of a responsibility. Therefore, even without knowing, you are getting to enjoy all the health benefits.

  • Better social life

Who doesn’t want a great social life? But is everyone able to do so? Believe it or not, having a social life means a lot of responsibilities. With our increasing age, it often becomes hard to meet new people and socialize. Dog owners do not need to undergo that pressure.

Studies have shown that around 40 percent of dog owners can socialize and make more friends by talking to other dog owners. Believe it or not, but dog owners tend to be a little extrovert and outgoing. Experts are of the view that if dog-owners are given a chance to socialize, they readily do so, provided the topic is their furry friend.

  • Add meaning and purpose to life

Often people feel that their life is of no good and that they should give up on it. But life is a beautiful gift. With our increasing age, it becomes tough for us to add value to our life. Often people in their retiring age, struggle to find a balance of life, and they are forced to do so. Moreover, it is during this stage that the loneliness starts setting as well.

Dogs, however, can be a great way to bring social balance back to your life. They encourage you to go out and socialize. Therefore, if you have a companion, you know you need to work for them and not only yourself. It, however, can be a significant boost to your overall energy. As a result, with a dog, you tend to have a purpose in your life.

  • Kicks away depression

Depression can be harmful if not taken care of properly. Well, studies have shown the benefits of owning a dog in driving away depression. Dog owners are less prone to depression. Apart from pets, therapy dogs, too, can be of great help in easing depression and prevent various diseases in various healths.

Now you already know how dogs can help you. So, maybe it is time that you bring home a furry friend and provide care not only to them but yourself as well.



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