Short Haircuts for Women to Transform Your Current Look

short haircuts for women

It is almost 2020 and it is time to break myths that women should always have long hair or that short hair is only for men. There are innumerable trending short haircuts for women that not only transform their look but also bring out their femininity at its best. You have to look through some of these short haircut ideas to convince yourself for a complete makeover.

Why cut your hair short once in life?

It is good to be daunting sometimes and try something new. Your hair will grow back but when it is short, you will be able to maintain it better. You can work on nourishment, strengthening, and grow healthier strands than what it is today. There are many reasons to try these hairstyles, and breaking stereotypes is surely one reason to consider.

You could be someone who has always had long lustrous hair and never thought of cutting it short. But if you’re here to give this a shot, you definitely want to be convinced that it will look good on you. Here, we give you some of the best short haircuts for women that suit different face shapes. You just need to know how to style them and slay every day.

Short haircuts for women

Check out some of the best short haircuts for women to find out what can suit your face shape, body type, and preference:

1. The typical boy-cut look

If you have a jawline that can make other women get jealous, a typical boy cut will suit you. You can just have a normal hair cut that men do to trim it down and maintain a formal look. Once that’s done, you can style it by parting it from the side, curling up a little, or simply back-brush on each side. Pull off your no-nonsense face and you’re good to wear this with almost anything.

The typical boy-cut look

2. Fringes and bob

Women who have round faces usually want to have hair that covers the sides. It makes their face tone down a bit, and redefine the facial features. You can try and cut your hair like a bob, but not keep one side longer. It needs to be in equal length, but have fringes that touch your brows. This too can suit a perfect formal look and also go with a party dress. The best part about this is that you can change the style by parting it from one side or use clips to pin up one side. Looking for inspiration for this style? Check out Lana Condor’s short hair images.

Fringes and bob

3. Pixie cut

A lot of you might have heard of the pixie cut but you’re probably unaware of how to go about it. It isn’t like pixie cuts always have to be the shortest of its kind – it can have length till your neck. This style is about how wacky you make your hairdo look. It can be as subtle as Keira Knightley’s eye-sweeping bangs or Agyness Deyn’s messy white hair pixie cut.

Pixie Cut

4. Unruly waves

If you’re struggling with long hair and unruly waves that come naturally, you got to try the same when it is short. Victoria Beckham has inspired many short hairstyles, and this is one of them. Her rich brown hair color, cut short enough to cover the neck, looked fabulous with the unruliness.

Unruly waves

5. Complete curls

Not all women can manage their hair long and curly, so they either have hairstylists helping them out or like to keep it short. If you have natural curls, you can always try to shorten the hair and make it more manageable. It not only looks good but also lets you style the way you want. The best is that curls roll up the length of your hair. This means that they will anyways be longer than they seem like.

Complete curls

6. Simple middle parting

If you want to keep your hair short but also have to fit into the standards of corporate looks, you can try the simple middle parting style. Sophie Turner has been seen to carry this hairdo time and again. It keeps you away from styling if you have straight to wavy hair.

simple middle parting

7. The Afro short hairdo

If you’re African by birth, you will have a different kind of hairstyle your blessed with. Most people don’t have such extreme curls like you do. But you probably have faced a lot to manage your long hair all the time. If you’re going in for a short hair transformation, simply cut it short like you see African men. Since your hair is already curly it will set your style apart from other short haircuts for women.

The Afro short hairdo

8. Back-brushed braids

Once your hair starts growing a little longer, you will be able to straight from the scalp. Try to make tiny braids that you can pin up towards the back and make your scalp have plenty of tiny braids.

Back-brushed braids

9. The imperfect bob

Having longer hair in the front and keeping the back short and curled up gives you the perfect bob. But this short haircut for women has been seen for years now. To add a new twist to this look, all you got to do is curl the longer side to bring in unruly waves. You can also skip regular black and brown color tones, and try something wackier that makes the entire look different.

The imperfect bob

10. The nerdy one

Remember those first-bencher boys at school? They used to have a typical hairstyle that made them have fringes in front but trimming at the back. You can take the concept from this style but trim up at the back to make it more stylish and not like a regular trim. Let the fringes fall in front but let the hair be as short men usually have. Trim up or design the back or sides of your hairstyle to add more style to it. Of course, know what to wear and how to carry it because of its not the most feminine kind.

The nerdy one

These were some of the best short haircuts for women that you can choose from. Now you need to match these will your hair color, type, face shape, and regular wear to match it all up.


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