Low Cost Ways to Shake Up Your Living Space and Give It Character

Low Cost Ways to Shake Up Your Living Space and Give It Character

Making your living space an exciting and interesting place to spend time and host guests can often seem like an intimidating challenge. How are you supposed to keep up, year after year?

In this article, we are going to look at some ways you might want to spice up your home without resorting to break the bank.

Electric Fireplaces

While many people are entranced by Netflix’s roaring log fire film for your TV, loop, an electric fireplace will actually warm up your toes on a cold night. A lot of these units can fit conveniently into a corner, meaning they won’t take up too much of your living room and can easily fit in around existing furniture.

You can also use your cabinets as a stand to mount your TV on, making them doubly useful and a space saving choice. Many electric fireplaces can simply be plugged in at the wall, meaning you won’t need the help of an electrician to install.

If you want to research these further, www.thiselectrichome.com has numerous options to consider.

Consider What You Have At Your Disposal

Before dropping large amounts of money, it is always worth considering the furniture and items you already own. Marie Kondo has made millions by encouraging people to go through their possessions and find items which spark joy. This is a great step with which you may discover exciting things you forgot that you own.

By decluttering and organizing what you already own, you might come across new ways to configure your house. Making sure that furniture in your living room is organized can reshape how you see a space. Going through this process of re-evaluation can also make your space feel new without having to bring new items in.

Make Sure Your New Pieces Complement What You Own

Another way to avoid spending more than you need to is ensuring the new pieces you bring in will go well with what you already have. By going through your possessions and evaluating what you like and don’t as in the previous step, you will increase the chances of making your new purchases last for years to come.

Ensure that you take into account the colors, materials and styles that are going to suit the room. Go with what you have and you will avoid having to take things back the week after buying them. Also look into the kind of warranties that reviews give your items to make your makeover a long lasting one. You can always invite over a friend and ask for a second opinion.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A well known move among architects and interior designers is the use of mirrors to give living spaces the illusion of greater depth. Their reflective qualities also make rooms brighter, which will ensure that in the winter months your living space is not a dark and dank uninviting cave. It can also help deal with the slightly unexciting look of bare walls that will look bland for guests.

Position this piece with your seating arrangement in mind. Consider color, materials, and aesthetic – again, a second opinion from a friend or professional never hurts. Mirrors can be pricey, so you want to make sure you’re investing in a decision that really will bring your space to life.

Some Last Words

We hope that these suggestions will give you inspiration to re-think your living space and ensure that it is serving you to the fullest. If you find that it isn’t, you now have an exciting project to undertake with friends and family.


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