How To Stay At Home Moms Can Make Money From Home

job ideas for stay home moms

It’s undeniable the joy that comes with parenting. Unfortunately, it’s a full-time joy that comes with no full-time paycheck, only, you are the one to kill the spider whether prepared or not. The decision to stay at home to raise your children is among the selfless choices you’d want to make as a mother. While no one will talk about the benefits of it, there’s a lot of good it does to your kids. Your kids develop faster, you get to create your schedule and there’s an amazing bonding that also occurs. However, it’s not an easy proposition as it may seem.

This is especially harder if you are a professional who loves working. Furthermore, with the current economy, standards of living skyrocketing overnight, staying at home may cause financial strains. Fortunately, staying at home to raise your kids doesn’t have to equalize you losing your whole life. That will drive you crazy and they need you at your best. That is why this article will give you some of the best job options that you can easily do at the comfort of your couch. Therefore, whether you want to work out of necessity or change of routine, here are great job ideas that will keep the cash flowing as well as enable you to raise your bundle of joy as you desire.


This is the most recommended and best online job a stay at home can do. Blogging is very flexible and the income associated with it is incredible. If you can start your blog and get going during pregnancy, you will be in a great position by the time your child is in its early months. It also has limitless options with little or no credentials needed as long as you’re good at what you do. The good news is, many publications are interested in parenting ideas. When it comes to parenting, no one has it all figured out and if you feel you can add value, there’s a whole niche. You will not only help others, which is a good cause but also earn good money in the process. You are not limited to parenting, you can blog about anything. Plus, the more you grow the blog the more money comes in.


This is another great flexible online job a stay at home mom could do. The qualification on this depends on the organization that employs you. This will also influence the salary you get paid. So the higher you credential the higher you get paid. It pays very well. But you can still tutor students with no bachelor of degree in anything. For instance, there’s a high demand for English teachers globally. It gets better since native English speakers get paid more compared to others.


While transcription jobs are a little challenging, they pay well and are flexible. They are available in part-time, remote and flexible choices. It’s up to you to choose what fits your schedule best. Again, there’s little need. If you know how to type and basic computer skills, you are good enough. Mostly, you will be required to transcribe audio files. They can be short or long, depending on your choice, then you’re required to convert what’s being said to writing.

Affiliate marketing

You know how you are always grateful for people who recommend products because that’s the first thing you look for before trying out something new but wouldn’t get the time to recommend anything? Yes, God bless them. While it might seem a charitable action, people get paid to recommend and review products and places. If you realize you easily give good recommendations on the products that are working for you, affiliate marketing is a way you can go. If you can gather a social media following, then it might be even easier to market your own or other people’s products. Check out programs like wealth creation mastermind to see if it is right for you.


If you have an eye for detail, and just can’t seem to read through those writing mistakes, then you have a legitimate opportunity to make good money. You, however, need to be very detailed oriented and enjoy grammar. There’s nothing wrong with this, but be careful you don’t turn out like one of those people who can’t stand grammar get abused. If you are one of those people, you’ll thrive as a proofreader. You get to make things right. If that’s not an ultimate American dream, what is? Some companies hire people to proofread but some require prior experience.

Social Media Manager

Everyone is good at something and social media might be your specialty. If you can’t seem to get off social media and know your way around everything, try making it a business venture. Where you post on behalf of businesses and people who find it necessary to be on social media but don’t have the time for it. Most influential people don’t have the time to be in touch with what’s up in social media space. However, no one would be caught dead being ignorant of this space due to its impact, that’s why there’s a need for social media manager. Easily become one in the comfort of your home with your children.

Life coach

Age comes with wisdom, it’s so automatic. It can’t be said for everyone but definitely, there are things you know now that you’d have told your 16-year-old self. There’s also that feeling of having too much to give and say but no audience. Well, this is your chance. You can be a life coach on different aspects of life. It’s astonishing how much content on this is on demand. If you give good advice and you are those types of mom who can be someone’s role model, you might as well start making money out of it.

The jobs mentioned above are legitimate true and tested mom jobs that pay very well eventually. They are just a few among the many available. Just a tip, if you are qualified in a certain skill, you can create a job with just that in the comfort of your home. For instance, if you were a professional chef, you can write recipes among other many options you have. Therefore, before you invest in your pick, the secret is in loving what you do. Do further research and settle what you are passionate about, it will count when things start being a bit hard.


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