10 Fun Photo Ideas For Your Baby Thank You Card

baby thank you card

As a proud new parent you have unlimited ways in which you can introduce your baby to your family and friends. It’s a lovely and thoughtful idea to send out baby thank you cards to loved ones and other people who offered support during pregnancy. Although a baby thank you card is traditionally used to say thanks for a baby gift and well wishes, it’s also ideal for personalising with meaningful text and gorgeous photos of the new arrival.

1. Family Portrait

Every parent who is celebrating the arrival of a new addition to their family will want to show off their major personal achievement. First time parents especially love to lavish their attention on the infant that has now completely transformed their lives. A family portrait is a classic and timeless way in which to mark the special event. Your poses with baby will reflect the love that you have in abundance.

2. Just Baby

Your newborn infant is without a shadow of doubt, the star of the show. Embellish baby thank you cards with a beautiful portrait photo of baby posing on his or her own. Select your favourite photograph and have it professionally arranged in a square, portrait or landscape format.

3. Sibling Love

sibling love

If you’re already a parent, create a stylish and modern baby thank you card that features your new baby and their sibling/s. The photo shoot can be formal or informal, depending on your preferences. Encouraging older children to pose with your newborn will have a positive impact of their bonding. It’s also a nice fun idea to let your firstborn pick out the photo to feature as a centrepiece on the baby thank you card.

4. Artsy Style 

There’s just something about an artsy style baby photograph that instantly melts the heart of everyone that views it. Wow your family and friends by opting for an artistic presentation of your new baby’s first posed photograph. For optimal impact, play around with light and shadow, or opt for black and white photographs over colour.

You can feature a striking artistic image of baby with mum or dad, or simply select your favourite baby portrait. The style and design of your baby thank you card will add another creative dimension to your proud display.

5. Before & Afterbefore and after

Show off your sense of humour with a selection of fun photos that speak for themselves. Feature a life before baby image of you with a baby bump, and a photo of you as a proud and happy new mum, with baby in your arms. This also makes a great novelty baby announcement card to send out to friends that had no idea that you were even pregnant!

6. Photo Montagephoto

When you become a new parent, baby tends to become your entire focus. It’s therefore common to suddenly find that you possess a large amount of baby photos. If you’re finding it difficult to pick out just one to feature on your baby thank you card, you can always create a stylish photo montage.

You can theme the photos by adding props or simply show off baby’s beautiful individual features. Take close ups of their perfect little toes, cute as a button nose, and enviably long eyelashes. Arrange the assortment of detailed close up photos around a portrait shot of your sleeping cherub.

7. Photo Booth Snapshots

If you want to introduce baby to your loved ones in a fashionably on-trend manner, opt for fun photo booth snapshots. There’s no need to bundle baby into a photo booth to create a unique baby thank you card. You can delight your loved ones with an adorable baby thank you card that features a trio of photos that are printed onto a detachable book mark. There’s room for a personalised thank you greeting and an additional image inside.

8. Multiple Choicesmultiple photos

If you’re celebrating the birth of twins, triplets or more babies, why not show off your brood in its entirety? A montage of multiple photographs allows you to individually introduce each new member of your family. You can show off your family photograph selection in a baby thank you card that has a blank template and a ‘window’ design that simultaneously highlights three, four or more photos.

9. Collaborative Designdesign

Get other members of the family involved in designing a unique personalised baby thank you card to send to friends, family and well wishers. Young children can contribute their visual ideas whilst parents focus on the meaningful and thoughtful message to include inside the baby thank you cards. It’s possible to feature a combo of elements, including a family portrait, graphic design, calligraphy and other decorative adornments.

If you prefer to keep it simple, opt for one photo of baby, and a colourful border arrangement. Gold, silver or copper foil detail will give your bespoke and original baby thank you card serious statement style.

10. One Of A Kind Creation

Alternatively, you can push the boat out and celebrate the birth of your baby with an exclusive one of a kind baby thank you card design. Exercise your creativity and make a special handmade card that is decorated with a professional portrait of your newborn. If you don’t think your artistic talents will do your infant justice, you can always commission someone else to create the bespoke baby thank you card for you.



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