Top 20 Backpacking Destinations for College Students


For most college students, backpacking across exotic countries and cities is a common thing to find written on their bucket lists.

Everyone wants to make the most out of the little time they have on their trip but often struggle with planning on where to go and what to do.

To avoid the trouble of having to plan everything out, here is a guide to the top 20 best backpacking destinations for college students.


Armenia is a beautiful and budget-friendly country to travel in.

From convenient hostels located in nearly every town to inexpensive transportation, backpackers can easily afford to eat out for under four dollars a meal.

In this country, you can easily experience all the beauty Armenia has to offer on a day trip from the capital city without running into a hoard of tourists.


Discover the exotic hidden gems in South American even when you’re on a tight budget.

Bolivia is home to several famous tourist sites such as its otherworldly salt flat known as the Salar de Uyuni. The country’s rich cultural legacy dates back to 1500BC.


If your goal is to travel and look for exotic locations, beautiful beaches, and a land filled with culture and historical value, then Cambodia is a must-visit destination on your backpacking trip.

Cambodia is considered a backpacker’s dream destination due to its extreme affordability where you can spend as little as a dollar a night for accommodations. Because of this, it’s easier to immerse yourself in Cambodia’s culture and traditions rather than worry about your budget.


While Vancouver may be the most notable destination in Canada, there are also other great places to explore.

Montreal, for example, has plenty of things to offer such as visiting the underground city and getting a taste of local cuisine at one of the many street fairs.


While getting into Cuba can be difficult, we can assure that the trouble is all worth it.

Enjoy the colorful scenery this country has to offer, from its streets to cars, and its people. Experience the rich Spanish culture and get a taste of what life is like in this elegant city.

One of the best ways to experience getting around is by their affordable buses.


If you aren’t on a tight budget, the Scandinavian experience is a must for any backpacking trip.

Estonia is a culture mixed with Scandinavian, Baltic, European, and Russian influences, making it a perfect destination for any backpacker longing to travel to Europe.

Hostels will accommodate you happily for under ten dollars, and the country offers numerous restaurants that provide bigger and better meals for less than the cost of your usual fast food joint.


If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, Ethiopia is the place where it all began.

Spend your time cultivating your knowledge about the origins and details about this beloved beverage and get a chance to try it in the place where it all started.


Germany is the country most notable for its alcoholic drinks, sausages, and cars. This country has been in the heart of Europe for centuries and is a great place to visit due to its practical transportation systems and easy to explore destinations.

From the museums of Berlin to Oktoberfest celebrations, we guarantee there won’t be a dull moment during your stay in Germany.


There’s a reason why Greece is always on everyone’s list of places to visit, and it’s not just because of the scenery.

While Greece is full of breathtaking landscapes and waters, the nightlife in this country is also outstanding. From party islands such as Mykonos to cosmopolitan areas such as Athens, Greece’s cities never sleep.


Skip the main Bali crowd in Indonesia and try backpacking in at the nearby island of Lombok for a budget-friendly trip without the tourist traffic.

If you’re looking for an authentic Indonesian backpacking trip, consider staying at islands further away from Ubud. There you can find areas with several food stalls and accommodations for under ten dollars a night.


Italy is best seen slowly, so if you have a lot of time on your schedule, take your time strolling along the streets and immerse yourself in the scenery.

Come see the Venice carnival held in February or take photos in Pisa. Enjoy their famous pizza in Naples and take a romantic gondola ride.

Italy offers a seemingly endless list of activities, so you may need more than a few days to explore this beautiful country.


There is no better way to experience this country than through backpacking.

The food is cheap and so are most of the hostels in the area. If you plan on eating out for all of your meals in the day, street vendors and stalls are located in every corner.

While transportation might be a small problem, you can still get around safely through buses or cabs.


Myanmar is one of the most underrated backpacking destinations in Southeast Asia, which means it is ideal for a budget backpacking trip as not many tourists cover the area.

This country offers all the great things you can find in Thailand but minus the tourist traffic.


Nepal has one of the world’s highest peaks and thousands of miles worth of trails and treks filled with mountain vistas and vast skies.

The best thing about this is that there are lodges and houses all around that offer cheap accommodation. If you prefer, you can also camp out and enjoy a night under the stars.

New Zealand

A popular way to travel around this country is by renting a camp or van. Camping is a must while you are in New Zealand.

There are plenty of inexpensive and great options to choose from too.


It’s all about timing when you visit the city of love.

As much as possible, visit tourist destinations and known landmarks on off days like Sunday to avoid the full crowd of locals and tourists. While everyone knows that Paris can be an expensive trip, buying in bulk can save you a lot in the process.


For the best backpacking location in Thailand, head towards the northern regions and places away from the beaches to avoid tourist traffic. There you can find more accommodating places and eateries that won’t hike up their prices for tourist profit.


A place where West meets East, Turkey is one of the few places where you can budget accommodation and food for under forty dollars a day. Travel and transportation won’t break the bank either as flights to this country are inexpensive and easy to get.


Chocolate, cheese, luxury watches, Swiss Army knives. These are just a few things that Switzerland is known for.

This land of luxury goods and steep prices are worth the extensive budget planning as these costs are made up for by the country’s beauty and elegance.


Vietnam is one of many countries that are backpacker- and budget-friendly. This land has plenty of free and inexpensive sights and activities you can see and join in.


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