The Advantages of Purchasing Replacement Windows in Autumn

replacement windows in autumn

Thinking of rolling out your home upgrade project? But perhaps your most important question is—when is the best time to purchase or even have the replacement windows installed?

According to the Zen Windows, experts in window replacement in Cedar Park, Texas, here is why you should get the new windows this autumn.

Excellent weather

Clearly, you’re going to have to deal with windowless openings when you finally decide to have your replacement windows installed. Thus, summertime means more pressure on your cooling system to bring down your home’s temperature. Or, the opposite applies to winter season installation—where you’ll have to adjust your heating system to neutralize the chilly weather in your home.

However, the crisp autumn weather allows you to have your new window units installed without having to worry about heating or cooling issues. In fact, you can even opt to turn off the system entirely on the day of your installation.

Easy to place an order

Easy to place an order

Most homeowners prefer having their replacement windows installed in late spring extending into summer. And so, scheduling your order for fall will see you benefit from the special discounts often offered by most home improvement companies in a bid to attract the fewer autumn clients.

Other than affordability, you also get your order queued very fast, and the entire project completed on time.

Enhanced home energy efficiency

Having your replacement windows installed during fall is a great way to manage your home’s temperature easily. Plus, you will also protect it from the winter weather elements.

Most of the new windows feature low-E coatings with gas fillings in between the panes to help lock in warm air. At the same time, they also block out cold air to ensure your home stays warm, free of cold drafts. And, most importantly, comfortable throughout the cold season.

Waiting till winter with old and drafty windows will compel you to super-charge your HVAC system can optimum air temperature, thus leading to increased energy bills.

As a bonus, you’ll also lessen your carbon footprint!

You get to test the efficiency of your newly installed windows before the cold winter season

You obviously wouldn’t want to cross into winter with defective windows. Though new, improperly installed windows are as ineffective and inefficient as old damaged windows. That is why every professional contractor will insist on a window test after installation to ascertain the window’s stability and security.

Another important reason for the testing is to ensure that the seal around every window unit is complete to guarantee the window’s energy efficiency.

The Takeaway

Ready for the purchase? Below are some of the mistakes to avoid when purchasing new replacement windows:

Avoid being bias about your selection criteria

When it comes to window selection, you’ll consider various factors like window style, design, material, and price. This means that the sole focus on a single factor may cause you to lose out on the desired window efficiency level. And so, avoid:

Focusing on aesthetics alone

Undoubtedly, great looks are the first thing that will catch your attention when selecting your new windows. But don’t overlook the other essential features—the window’s security features, durability, maintenance needs, and energy efficiency.

Ensure the window features easy-to-maintain material with excellent insulation properties and strong security elements to keep your home safe and more energy efficient throughout the seasons.

Over-focusing on the price

Yes, it’s always good to stick to your budget. But what if you want the best, which in most cases may cost more than your set budget? You have to sacrifice.

Quality window materials, coatings, glazing, and air fills may make a window to cost a little more. However, it’s always worth the price considering that it’s an investment you’re making only a few times in a lifetime. Furthermore, you want to ensure your family stays safe and sound throughout the seasons. And that is something that only a durable and robust window and other home elements can help you achieve.

Therefore, to be safe, avoid falling for very cheap products as it’s likely an indication of compromised product quality. Also, keep in mind that a window may be highly-priced yet of poor quality.

Are you feeling confused? You shouldn’t. Just ensure that you pay keen attention to long-term benefits like the window’s durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency rather than over-focusing on the cost.


Home upgrade projects are generally costly, and every homeowner would want to save as much as they can where possible. As a result, they get tempted to self-execute their window projects.

While some may be successful at it, the majority of homeowners end up with disappointments and unnecessary additional costs in the future. These can arise from minor mistakes like wrong measurements.

There is also a likelihood that the window company may fail to uphold their warranty terms unless they’re the ones executing the installation.

So, to keep off all these troubles, consider getting your windows installed by a professional who has the knowledge, experience, and the tools needed for a proper installation process.


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