Small Renovations To Make A Small Room Seem Larger

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If you live in a small home, especially with a family, then you probably wish that the rooms in your small house were larger than they are. While you probably wish that you could move to a larger home or just add on to your existing house, that may not be possible with the budget you have. However, there are some things you can do in your small space like adding pocket doors or other small projects you can take on that can make a small room at least have the appearance of being bigger without breaking the bank to do so.

1.) Add in more windows and exchange wood doors for glass doors

If you are unable to create more real physical space in a room, then you can at least take a few steps to create the illusion of having more space than you do which can go an incredibly long way. One of the simplest ways to create this illusion is by adding in some large windows to the room. The larger the window is, the more space the room looks like it has. You can also get the same illusion by grouping some windows together. If you put one large window in the center and have two smaller windows flanking either side, then you will open up a room and make it brighter than you may have thought possible.

On the same note, adding in glass doors like sliding patio doors or glass french doors will make a room look elegant, spacious, and will allow you to easily go inside and out meaning it expands the space where you live. Glass doors allow you to integrate your spaces making it one big area.

2.) Do an easy painting renovation

Having the right colors in your room is a vital piece of making it look bigger than it really is. You may be tempted to use paint colors that are a nice medium neutral color, but that is actually a mistake that can cause your small room to look even smaller. Using instead paint colors that are either incredibly light or very dark will give your small space extra dimension that you need for it to look larger than it actually is. Light colors help to attract more light from outside and bring it in which makes the space in question look larger. Meanwhile, dark colors, even if only used on a singular accent wall, will give added dimension and make the ceilings look taller and therefore making the room seem larger. Paint is an inexpensive renovation you can tackle in a single weekend and take a room from tiny and flat to larger and multi-dimensional.

3.) Change out swinging doors for pocket doors

Swinging doors tend to open up into the room and stay there taking up at least two and a half feet of the total square footage of the room. With a door taking up some of the room’s square footage, it may start to feel even smaller and more cluttered than it actually is. Instead of constantly trying to remember and have the rest of the household remember to close the doors every time they go in and out, consider changing out some of the swinging doors for pocket doors. The pockets door slide to open and go right into the wall meaning they don’t take up any of the square footage on your floor and when they are open it helps to seamlessly connect one room to another creating the illusion of one large flowing room. Doing all of the doors in your home can be expensive and is actually unnecessary. Instead of attempting to do them all, pick the doors that take up the space in question and change them out. It can be done quickly and won’t break the bank.

The best way to create the illusion of a small space being large instead of actually knocking down walls and making it physically better is to plan out your projects carefully. In a small space, everything you do has to count so you need to make the most of every small renovation that you do. Remember to completely empty out the room you are doing small renovations on so you can see it as a clean slate and let your creative juices flow!


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