How to Italicize on Discord While Texting on the App?

How to italicize on discord

Discord is a popular voice and chats application that is just like TeamSpeak, Skype or Slack. It is yet another professional platform for communication. The basic difference between Discord and Skype is that Discord consists of servers and rooms that host a text and voice chatroom. The Discord application is mainly focused on gamers. The app supports communication features such as video calls, messaging and voice chat. This article talks about how to italicize on discord while texting on Discord.

The players who are competing against each other in a game use the Discord app to communicate with each other to maintain coordination in their game. There are various purposes of these chatrooms. Moreover, there is a particular volume range for every person based on their comfort level. On Discord, the players can not only communicate with each other, but they can also add others to their friend lists.

The Discord application is suitable for Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and other web browsers. The application is especially helpful in case you are playing games on your PC.

Discord can also be used to socialize with people. The application is a great way to build a semi-public social community or an advanced communication platform to communicate within a closed group. A group of players can create a group if they are, for example, fans of the same game. It helps to correlate servers and as a result, chat, call and hang out with each other.

How to italicize on Discord easily?

The italicizing text means writing in a slanting font and doing it is really simple on Discord. The chat format system of Discord is called the “Markdown Text”. It consists of two methods that will help you to understand how to italicize on Discord.

There are certain Discord bots that will change the entire formatting depending on the type of function it performs. In case, you want to try other options for formatting, you can try other bots accordingly. Check out the in-detail process for the conversion of normal text into the stylized version.

  • Firstly, you have to quote your messages along with (*) or Asterisks. For example, *put in what you want to write in italics*
  • You can also use an (_) or underscore in place of the asterisks. For example, ­­_ put in what you want to write in italics_. Besides, Markdown Texts, the Discord application also supports “Code Blocks”.
  • If you want to make code blocks all by yourself, do not worry. Just keep adding (‘) ticks back into your text.
  • You can also create code blocks on multiple lines and that is easy too. You need to follow the same function as in the previous step. The only difference will be to keep adding three backticks instead of one (‘’’) instead of one.
  • There is a feature called syntax highlighting in Discord and it supports several languages instead of Markdown. Moreover, Markdown has an independent approachable and highlight-able syntax.

How to bold text on Discord?

Besides knowing how to italicize on Discord, you must also know the other functions that you can perform and ways in which you can modify the font and text. You can also create a Bolded test on this application. All you would have to do is:

  • to start and end the portion of the text you want in bold with a double Asterisk or (**).
  • Doing Shift+8 on any keyboard will bring on an Asterisk and you simply have to do it twice.
  • For example, **the text that you want in bold** and your job is done in almost no time.

Combining the two

This section of the article covers the process in which you can italicize and bold a part of the text at the same time. It is done in another easy process in which:

  • you will have to use three asterisks while starting the part of the text you want to modify.
  • You must also end this particular part of the text with three asterisks or (***).
  • Now for an example, you can do ***the part you want to modify by bolding as well as italicizing it***.

Underlining text on Discord

Underling text on Discord is the easiest out of all font modification in the lot. For this, you just need to use a double underscore or (__). For example, __the part of the text you want to underline__.

There are several other ways to underline text depending on the existing modification such as underlining italicized or bold text. If you want to underline a part of an italicized text, just use a double underscore and an asterisk on the start and end of the text. For example, __*part of the italicized text you want to underline*__.

To modify and underline a bolded text, just use a double underscore and a double asterisk on the start and end of the text. For example, __**part of the bold text you want to underline**__.

To modify and underline a bolded as well as italicized text, you must use a double underscore and a triple asterisk on the start and end of the text. For example, __***part of the italicized text you want to underline***__.

Creating strikethrough text on Discord

Yes, creating a strikethrough text is also simple and the following steps are all you must do:

  • You must use the tilde or the (~) key to get a strikethrough text.
  • Get a strikethrough straight off by pressing Shift+~ on any keyboard
  • The tilde or (~) should be used twice before and after the part of the text, you are highlighting.
  • For example, ~~the part of the text you want a strikethrough or cross out~~

Final thoughts

Now that you know quite a few details about the Discord application and modifying text on it, you must also know that it is an absolutely safe and secure platform. It is extremely popular and has gathered almost a billion users out of which about 15 million people log into their Discord accounts daily. There are public Discord servers that mainly focus on topics such as anime, details of cryptocurrency, and a few topics on self-improvement.


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