HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam

Want to record your adventurous trips with your friends without missing out on anything? Then buy the best HD mirror cam to document your travels in a convenient way. The HD mirror cam is like Dashcam however, they are slightly differing by having variety in the installation process. Unlike Dashcam, you can install HD mirror cam by attaching it to your car’s existing rearview mirror.

These sorts of cameras capture images while the event is happening and even can record the journey without obstructing your view. Once you are done with recording, you can simply transfer the file through a micro SD card. It takes a couple of minutes to install this camera.

How to Install HD Mirror Cam?

For installation, you would require to slide an SD card in the designated slot of the camera. By using the flexible bands the camera can be affixed on the top of the rearview mirror. Different models have different screen sizes. If you want to watch the video directly on the camera then opting for 7” screen camera would be a great option.

Additional Features of HD Mirror Cam

The most convenient feature this cam has is the auto-ignition start. It starts the camera recording automatically when you turn on your vehicle ignition. Similarly, it can be turned off by simply turning off the ignition.

Furthermore, they come with night vision using infrared LEDs; a built-in LCD playback screen. It helps in distraction-free driving and motion detection. Speaking of high-end features, the HD mirror cam includes motion detection, image stabilization, optional date and time stamp, anti-glare dimming, built-in SD card, simultaneous recording, bigger display, and longer battery life.

What to look for while buying the Best HD Mirror Cam?

Before looking up for a rearview mirror cam, you just need to take a few things into consideration to make solid investment choices. Mostly, people tend to purchase these cams for protection reasons. For instance, if there is an accident that occurred or a robber tries to rob your car, then these cams can be helpful in recovering your claims.

Keeping that in mind, you should look for a camera with high-quality resolution. An HD mirror cam model with HD video (1080p) would be highly recommended. Along with that, look for a cam with a long loop time, plenty of storage, and low-light capability.

The price factor also plays an important part in selecting the cam. Try to find the HD mirror cam with good quality which means you have to compromise on the price. Going for the lowest priced products would deem to compromise on its qualities. Moreover, Motion detection and LCD screen should be considered during the purchase.

If budget is a problem, then there are stores that offer discounts on the cams with different models. Also, they might offer a free-shipping policy that can affect your budget positively somehow. But this will need thorough research as high-quality products with low prices are kind of hard to find.

Pros and Cons of Having Mirror Cam in your Car

Having HD mirror cam has become a trend and it is also needed for the time due to the following reasons.

·         Pros

  1. These cameras are useful when any accidents occur on the road. They start recording with the ignition of the vehicle which records everything in real-time.
  2. To avoid traffic fraud and staged accidents, these cameras can be a great help in producing evidence. This way you claim for your grievances very conveniently.
  3. Recording your trips without making you obliged holding the camera becomes possible with the use of HD mirror cam.

·         Cons

  1. Some areas might have legal restrictions and recording in those regions might get you caught in unnecessarily ordinance troubles.
  2. The privacy of the car owner may be stacked if the camera gets in the hand of an outsider.
  3. The display of the camera might distract the drivers which can get against the safety policy.


With the increasing traffic and severe accidents happening daily, some precautionary measures need to be taken to avoid unnecessary lawsuits. This can be done by purchasing the best HD mirror cam. Having high-quality resolution will help in seeking each and every minute detail.

Simultaneously, if you want to record your traveling experience these cameras can be a great help. All you would need to do is to install these cams on the top of the rearview mirror and be as candid as you can throughout the journey.

Before you decide on buying the best mirror cam, you must look at the buying guide at first which is elaborated above.


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