4 famous fashion myths that need to be debunked

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As we all know, the internet has fuelled the way in which we approach every topic that breaches our lives.

Suffice to say, as the title has probably already told you, fashion falls into said category.

Once upon a time it was up to high-end magazine publications to deliver the latest verdicts on the world of catwalks and fashion as a whole. Now, anybody can set up their own blog and while many of these serve an excellent purpose, some fuel some myths that can wreak havoc with your wardrobe.

Of course, the internet isn’t wholly to blame, and some people may even turn to movies to find out the latest fashion trends!

Regardless, some of these myths need to be debunked and through today’s article, we will do this once and for all.

Myth #1 – Choose your print size, by your size

In truth, this first myth couldn’t be more ridiculous. However, it has been doing the rounds and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Some sources have suggested that larger women need to don larger prints, and vice-versa.

Well, it’s complete rubbish and the only rule you need to consider is the quality of the print. If it’s good, it will look great on you regardless of your dress size.

Myth #2 – Heels are the only sophisticated shoe

We’ve been taught for years that if you want to make an impression, heels are the way forward. This isn’t just because of the direct appearance of these shoes either, but also the way in which they make you walk a little more sophisticated.

Well, it’s that secondary point that we are going to hone in on. You don’t need heels to allow you to do this, you can do it yourself through some simple posture changes. Learn to pin your shoulders back, stand tall and you’ll never need to rely on heels for sophistication ever again.

Myth #3 – You can only have one statement piece

We’ve heard all of the hype about statement pieces over the years and in some ways, it’s for a very good reason.

A lot of sources suggest that your outfit should contain just one of these pieces, as an excessive number can just be “too much”.

There is some element of truth in this, and you should by no means be clustering them all together on your outfit. However, if you can at least spread them apart, so they’re not next to each other, there’s no reason why you can’t leave the house with more than one statement piece.

Myth #4 – Black and navy don’t go together

Finally, here’s a myth we’ve been hearing for years. While black and navy don’t always work together, don’t write them off before you’ve even tried them.

If you do have two pieces you would like to try together, try adding an extra splash of color (like some red shoes) to complete the look.

In other words, it might not be easy, but there are small hacks to make the black and navy combination a successful one.


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