The Secret Behind the Scent and Flavor: Examining 6 Types of Terpenes in CBD

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CBD is quickly reaching a point where it could be considered a mainstream pain-relief option and it makes sense to understand what is driving this growth.

One of the secrets behind the various scents and flavors that you can experience across a range of CBD products is the use of natural compounds known as terpenes.

When you see natural terpenes mentioned on the product label you can anticipate some aromatic and exotic combinations of fruits, flowers, and herbs to awaken your senses and it is this natural compound that is used to create popular flavors such as blueberry and strawberry.

Here is a look at six types of terpenes used in CBD oils and other products.

Expect to find myrcene

A good starting point would be to understand what terpenes are and what they contribute to CBD products.

Terpenes are a collection of compounds that produce a strong aroma that is designed to dissuade herbivores from eating them in their natural environment. This family of compounds is extensively used in the production of essential oils but they not only generate strong smells and flavors but they have healing properties that work in synergy with the majority of cannabinoids found in hemp and weed.

Myrcene is probably the most prevalent terpene and it appears extensively in the makeup of hemp and marijuana,

Myrcene produces an aroma that is often compared to cloves or red grapes and gives off what could be described as a musky smell.

This terpene is in plentiful supply in all citrus fruits

Next on the list is limonene, and the clue is in the name as it features heavily in most of the citrus fruits you could care to mention.

If your CBD is giving off a very distinctive aroma of lemon and lime it is a fair bet that limonene is the terpene that features prominently.

A positive attribute associated with CBD using limonene is that it is understood to help alleviate anxiety while also promoting an improved mood at the same time.

Smell the pine

Pinene is another distinctive terpene and there are actually two different strains that are used.

Your CBD might contain either alpha-pinene or beta-pinene, although they are both derived from pine trees and the pleasant smell is unmistakable when it hits your nostrils.

The main benefits attached to both the alpha-pinene and beta-pinene is their anti-inflammatory properties. Pinene is also considered useful for people with respiratory issues such as asthma.

Love lavender?

The smell of lavender is very distinctive and is an aroma associated with calmness and relaxation.

Linalool is the terpene that is found in lavender and CBD products and other herbs enriched by it also include coriander, mint, and cinnamon. This particular compound is often used when the purpose is to reduce inflammation, help you to contend with arthritis, and help reduce the impact of seizures.

It might be suggested to you that if you use other herbs that contain linalool in addition to your chosen CBD product it could potentially enhance its effectiveness.

Linalool enjoys a good reputation for providing anti-anxiety benefits and if you are trying to relax look for products that contain this particular terpene.

Spicy flavor and aroma

Next up is the terpene called caryophyllene which is unmistakable due to its highly distinctive spicy and peppery aroma and flavor.

You will find high concentration levels of caryophyllene in things like black pepper, basil, cloves, and cinnamon. All of these items are highly distinctive when you taste and smell them and this is a terpene that is distinctive for a specific reason.

A key feature of caryophyllene is that it is the sole terpene that binds to your cannabinoid receptors and that sets it apart from other terpenes, which are capable of providing their healing attributes without actually binding to a single cannabinoid receptor.

It is this distinctive action that makes caryophyllene capable of delivering analgesic effects on your body.

If you are seeking out a CBD product that offers to promote pain-relief properties it is highly likely that you will probably see caryophyllene as a key ingredient.

Chamomile and candeia

If you see mention of chamomile flower or the candeia tree when a manufacturer is talking about their CBD product you will discover that the terpene bisabolol is behind these ingredients.

Bisabolol can also sometimes be referred to by its scientific name of either alpha-bisabolol or levomenol.

This type of terpene is also easy to distinguish from other types thanks to its inoffensive and highly distinctive floral aroma. It is not hard to see why bisabolol essential oil has been in a staple ingredient used in numerous perfumes and cosmetic products over the years, but it is only fairly recently that its potential medical benefits have come to light.

Bisabolol is regarded as a strong analgesic terpene and it is used when the aim is to try and fight bacterial infections or a product with anti-oxidant properties is required.

The advantage of knowing a bit more about these terpenes and what sort of benefits they may be able to deliver is that you can then seek out a list of potential CBD products that contain the specific terpene that may provide the soothing properties or pain-relieving properties that you are looking for.

It might also enhance your response and the level of benefit you experience when you consider the idea of complimenting your CBD products by ingesting suitable terpene-rich fruits and plants in unison.

When most people start talking about CBD and the potential mental and physical benefits that they may be able to offer you it is not always mentioned that this is not the only therapeutic compound in your product.

Terpenes deserve a bit more of the limelight when you consider the various natural healing properties they are capable of and after reading this you might be more aware of exactly how many plants contain some form of terpene.

If you want to know the secret behind the scent and the flavor, know you know its terpenes.


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