9 Awesome Energy Saving Tips For Every Homeowner


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Electricity bills can be especially rough during the hottest months of Summer and the coldest months of Winter. But even though having electricity is a necessity, breaking the bank to keep the lights on, is not. Here are a few great ways of saving energy and knocking the numbers down on that monthly bill.

1. Blackout curtains

Blackout Curtains can save you a lot of money on your electric bill. One of the fun parts about them is that you can find them in almost any color, design, or pattern. You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your home for energy efficiency. The blackout curtains are thermal insulated and will help to regulate the temperature in your home, blocking out harsh heat and drafty cold. Studies show that blackout curtains can lessen the energy use in your home by 10-25 percent!

2. Weather-stripping

Sometimes, it’s those little exposed areas underneath our doors that can be the big reason behind our energy consumption. It might seem like such a small thing, but you’d be surprised by just how much energy these things can drain. Weather-stripping is simple, easy to do, and won’t cost big bucks to install. You can watch a YouTube tutorial on how to install stripping and it is quite easy to install yourself. Buying the stuff to install is also very easy. Such a small installation can save you some pretty big bucks!

3. Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings Photo © Bergamo by Retractable Awnings

Getting a retractable awning can save you hundreds a year! This simple mechanism is not only great at saving you money on your electric costs, but it can provide a fun, covered area in your backyard too. You can sit and enjoy the outdoors with the comfortable shade that the awning provides. An awning can reduce heat gain by 55-65 percent! It can help to keep out the harsh heat and save you tons!

4. Changing the filter

Something as simple as regular air filter changing can save you a little extra on your energy bill. Experts claim that changing your air filter once a month is best. Doing this regularly will improve the air quality in your home and also extend the life of your furnace. Now it won’t be huge savings, but it will be saving and you will see how it can add up. Plus, extending the life of your furnace is also a big plus!

5. CFL Bulbs

Something as simple as changing all of the bulbs in your home to CFL bulbs can save a pretty decent sized chunk in your electric bill. These energy-saving bulbs use less wattage than other kinds of bulbs but still produce the same brightness.

6. Using Power strips

Using a power strip can also save you a pretty good amount on your monthly electric bill. You might not know it, but your electronics can guzzle a ton of power, even when they’re turned off. This is called ‘vampire electricity.’ Most ‘vampire electricity’ costs can run up about an extra one hundred dollars a year. That’s one hundred dollars of usage that you aren’t even utilizing! If you use a power strip though, you can simply turn off the power strip when you’re not using the electronics and that ‘vampire electricity’ will not drain any energy.

7. Using less hot water

Using less hot water Photo © nikkytok by Shutterstock.com

This might seem like such an insignificant thing, but using less hot water can save you tons on your energy bill. Consider washing and rinsing your clothes in cold water, rather than warm. Detergents are designed to work in temperatures between 65-85 degrees, Fahrenheit. Coldwater is just as effective in getting your clothes clean than warm water. You can also try to dial back the temperature of your showers a tiny bit. This won’t save you fist-fulls of cash, but it’ll knock down a few dollars off every bill and you’d be surprised how much that little bit can add up.

8. Changing the thermostat

When you’re not home, it doesn’t make much sense to keep the place at a cool 72 degrees. If you’re not going to be at home, consider setting the temperature either up or down a notch, so it works less. You can keep your home at 77 or even 78 degrees while you’re gone. This will keep your house semi-cool, but use less electricity while you’re away.

9. Proper insulation

One of the many reasons that a lot of people’s energy bills skyrocket is a lack of proper insulation in the home. The cost to get your home properly insulated might be a tad pricey, but it can save you tons of money in the long run. Having the right insulation helps keep your home warm in the colder months and cooler in the hotter months.

These nine, simple things will save you large amounts on your next electric bill! Don’t believe it, just try it! You’ll be putting a Benjamin or two back into the bank every year, rather than handing it to the electric companies.


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