12 Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

12 Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas That'll Wow Your Guests

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. As such, you want to make it as big a deal as possible. While an elegant ceremony will get you half of the way there, you’ll fall short if you can’t put on a fun reception.

That’s why you’re reading this article. You’re looking for ways to make your reception as fun and as entertaining as possible. Fortunately, we’re prepared to help you with that task.

Without further ado, here are some of the top wedding reception entertainment ideas for you to utilize!

1. Music

What’s a wedding reception without music? Not much of a wedding reception at all. As such, you must have some sort of music entertainment lined up.

This can be anything from a live band to a DJ to an instrumental soloist to a barbershop quartet. The point is to have music present and for it to continue through the duration of your reception. Get out there and find a DJ now!

2. Magic

Want to up the entertainment ante? If so, you should consider hiring a magician to perform at your reception. Whether the magician goes table to table performing tricks or has a designated time slot to perform in front of everyone at once, your guests are sure to enjoy themselves.

3. Comedy

Another option is to have a comedian present. A comedian could act as your emcee, directing guests through the reception, all the while cracking jokes on you, your spouse, and the members of your wedding party.

Note, however, that comedians can be problematic, particularly if their material contains crude or offensive content. In other words, if you’re going to utilize the services of a comedian, choose your comedian wisely.

4. Karaoke

Nothing better characterizes karaoke than friends, family, and alcohol. This is why a wedding reception is a perfect place to have karaoke present.

You can sing, your spouse can sing, your parents can sing. You don’t even have to be good. The point is simply to have a good time.

There are karaoke DJs everywhere and they’re all used to serving wedding receptions. Call one up and get the details down in writing now.

5. Choreographed Dancing

Another option is choreographed dancing. A choreographed dance between you, your spouse, and the members of your wedding party could be a huge hit among your guests.

Whether it’s funny, elegant, or otherwise, it’s worth a go. However, before you begin practicing, you should make sure that all of your participants are comfortable. Not everyone is cut out for choreographed dancing, after all.

6. Cultural Entertainment

Proud of your heritage? Want to display it in all its glory? Your wedding reception would be a terrific place to do so. Cultural entertainment is terrific for bringing individuality to a wedding reception.

If you have Scottish ancestry, you could feature a bagpipe group. If you have Mexican ancestry, you could feature a mariachi band. If you have Tongan ancestry, you could feature a traditional Tongan dance.

7. Photo Booth

One of the most popular forms of entertainment at wedding receptions is the photo booth.

A photo booth will allow your guests to take silly pictures together, capturing memories and making them part of the entertainment. You can even have funny costumes on hand, facilitating the silliness amongst your guests.

8. Caricature Drawing

Another option is to hire a caricature artist. A caricature artist can draw lampooned pictures of your wedding guests, facilitating a fun atmosphere and capturing memories that you’ll cherish forever.

9. Fireworks

Having an outdoor wedding reception? If so, you should consider going big with it by setting off some fireworks. After all, who doesn’t love a sky full of bright and colorful explosions?

However, before you attempt to do this, make sure that you have the permission of your municipality. Some municipalities have a ban on fireworks and could shut your wedding down early if you don’t adhere to it.

10. Petting Zoo

Another option for entertainment at an outdoor wedding reception is to have a petting zoo present. Goats, pigs, and other such animals will bring a lot of individuality to a wedding, all the while giving guests something interesting to do.

And remember: it’s not just kids that like petting zoos. Adults like them too. They’re often just afraid to admit it.

11. Bouncy House

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 4 or 40, if you see a bouncy house, you’re going to want to jump in it. For whatever reason, human beings have an undying need to jump on inflated air receptacles.

As such, you should seriously consider having bouncy houses available at your wedding reception. After all, what are the chances that they don’t end up being a hit? Microscopic at best.

12. Silent Disco

One last entertainment option to consider is a silent disco. A silent disco is a form of entertainment wherein the participants wear headphones and dance to music that plays through them. To the outsiders that aren’t wearing headphones, these participants look like they’re dancing in silence.

Silent discos make for great entertainment because they bring people together. Whether your guests are young or old, they’re almost sure to bond over this unique activity.

The List of Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas is Endless

The wedding reception entertainment ideas reviewed above constitute only a small sample of what’s available out there. While these ideas will undoubtedly bring a fun punch to your reception, you shouldn’t stop at them alone. In the end, the key is to brainstorm and come up with ideas that are characteristic of you and your spouse.

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