Top 20 Scary Halloween Window Decorations

Halloween Window Decorations

October is here so it is time to prepare for the spookiest celebration of Halloween. Since it calls in for decoration, we will give you some relatable ideas for Halloween window decorations. Why specifically windows? Because it is the only part that people get to see before entering your house. If you have transparent or see-through windows, you can easily use these décor ideas and give your guests the first chill.

Why put up Halloween window decorations?

Halloween is greatly celebrated all across America, which means everyone in the neighborhood will try to put in their best. It can be stressful to think about how you can outdo your neighbor’s outdoor skeletons or perfectly-carved lanterns.

You can feel worse if you’re going low this time and you don’t want to get the whole house decorated. This is also where window decorations come to life because they are visible parts of the house. Thus, only doing up the windows might mean not doing too much to the interiors.

Halloween window decorations are the low-commitment yet high impactful design ideas. They will not only fit into a low budget but also give everyone the eerie feeling you’re trying to. On the other hand, if you don’t want the window to look too creepy, you can liven things up by glow stickers.

From spider decals to ghostly silhouettes, from real-looking bats to laughing pumpkins, there can be a lot to do. These will meet your style and design requirements, and also be within a budget.

Best types of Halloween window decorations

If your windowpanes are the first thing that people notice when they enter your house, they are sure to get scared. Check out the Halloween window decorations to either buy them online or try DIY art and craft:

1. Cat eyes

Imagine walking up to a large poster of yellow eyes of a black cat, looking at you like it’ll bite. You don’t need anything extra or difficult to do with this DIY. Simply get a poster, cut it in two, and place them on your window panes for some double trouble!

2. Pumpkin clings for windows

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think Halloween is probably pumpkins. If not you, at least kids would relate to this. If you have children at home, let them enjoy cartoonish pumpkin clings. These are lighthearted and set the mood right. They are also not too scary if you have little ones around.

3. Fall leaves

If you want to give a sudden fear to your guests as they enter through the door, you can try scarier interiors. At first, when your window panes simply have fall leaf clings, they might think that you haven’t done much décor. But the real trouble starts once they step in and for that you can let the windows go low.

4. Glowing smiles

The glow stickers have been age-old tricks that can add to the ambiance and also scare people. Imagine the entire house turned dark and all that guests can see are spooky eyes looking straight at them. These don’t even stress you much – you can buy them and stick them on the window.

5. Spiderweb clings

If you’re more of a minimalist or you have more things to do for their interiors, you can use spiderweb window clings. These look like the two-toned webs that you can add with spider-like stickers to create an eye-catchy pair.

6. Gothic dragon stickers

If you’ve overdone spiders and pumpkins all through your life, you can go for this smart change. The Gothic dragon stickers can not only be a great change for the Halloween but also remind your guests of GOT!

7. Jack Skellington decal

You can pretty much relate to decals of Jack Skellington and add it to your window for Halloween. A white sticker on a clean see-through glass can do just about what you need.

8. The witch and moon

We have all seen fairytale stories that showed a witch through the window, practicing her spells. If you want to give out a similar vibe, you can use a witch-like poster instead. She can typically have the cone-shaped hat, broom in the hand, and probably a moon-like round figure for casting spells on the other.

9. The ‘nightmare before Christmas’ decal

Halloween isn’t anyway romantic, but if you think about Jack and Sally, you will probably relate. If you buy a decal that looks like them, you can add that to your window. These are not typically spooky but does relate to the theme.

10. Creepy lace curtain

You can swap your home curtains with a Halloween-themed option and can keep it all through the season. These can look like cobwebs intertwined with each other and block the entire window like those are real cobwebs.

11. Mummy decoration

Much like skeletons, even mummies are popular to make people freak out. You can try this trick by sticking a poster of a mummy on your window. Whoever looks at will definitely take a moment to realize its fake.

12. Witch laugh decal

Imagine coming back home after a long day at work and finding a witch laugh at you from your window. You can try this trick out on a family member to see how he/she reacts and then you’ll know how guests would react too.

13. Silhouette décor

You can buy a complete Halloween décor kit and add pieces of it all through the window. These might not look scary but will suit the theme and also keep the little ones happy. These can include cobwebs, pumpkins, bats, witches, and more.

14. Ghostly shadow

You can buy and stick sinister shadows that can swiftly make your home look like a haunted house. Ghost shadows are definitely scary and adding them to your window can freak anyone out.

15. Reusable bat clings

You can make the entire window look like it has several bats hung around. Dim the lamp behind them to give the perfect look and feel.

16. Vampire decoration

Just like the mummy poster, you can use a vampire decoration and scare people. Just imagine finding at a bloodsucking vampire look at you in a gruesome way. The poster can make your guests get that exact feeling.

17. Ghoul window decal

If you want to add a ghoulish creature on your wall and scare people right at the entry, these are easy to stick and serve the purpose.

18. Ornamental pumpkin

If you want to hang a pumpkin-shaped glowing décor in front of your window, it will illuminate on the inside and create an ambiance on the outside.

19. Scary cat decal

If you don’t want to add the black cat poster, you can try a scary cat decal for the window instead.

20. LED spiderweb

Much like the ornamental pumpkin, you can add an LED spiderweb on the windowpane. These too will lit up the interiors and also create an ambiance on the outside.


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