5 Ways to Add Gold to Your Beauty Routine

5 Ways to Add Gold to Your Beauty Routine

Metallics have been growing bigger in fashion; and where fashion goes, so does beauty!


While hair and makeup pros have been using gold leaf supplies for the runways, yet the beauty statement is hardly seen in real life. Yes, people believe they need to be courageous to wear something so unapologetically shiny, but they are definitely wrong! Everybody can easily incorporate the look in a subtle way.


For example, the picture of models taken during Milan Fashion Week, where divine beauties were wearing gold lips, prove that edible gold flakes can go a long, long way. Having said that, here we are going to highlight the many different ways gold leaf can be used in the name of beauty; beauty hacks for your next big event.


Gold Leaf Flash Tattoo


Being in trend for the past 5 years now, gold tattoos have been enhancing creativity and adding fun to the fashion world. In 2014, Queen B wore flash tattoos on a yacht during an Italian vacation. Not just her! The Little Mix Star, Perrie Edwards also posted some photos on Instagram showing her metallic tattoo mimicking a headband, adding more style to her look.


So, if you are looking for a statement accessory to go with your breezy, summery look, why not give gold leaf flash tattoos a try? These metallic beauties can be pre-designed, and offer a subtle yet cute alternative to typical jewellery accessories.


Gold Leaf Eye Makeup


While smokey eye makeup may be a thing on the red carpet, the runway prefers a festive gold eye look. In 2011, Emma Watson wore gold leaf to accent a smokey eye.


For Spring 2012, Fendi covered the models’ eyelids and eyebrows with gold leaf.


You can use gold leaf on the eyes to create many looks. Pat on small bits of loose gold on the inner corner of the eyes and your eyelids or go bold and create a golden edgy eye design. Want to add the glittery touch to your winged liner? Take strips of gold leaf and put it on top of your black liner.


Gold Leaf on Hair


Jason Wu created a super cool look by adding a streak of gold leaf to the models’ wet-looking hair. Applying chunks of gold leaf on hair might seem like a crazy idea, but you will have to give it a shot to see its full beauty and potential. Whether it is sprinkled in a simple line of shine or randomly on an updo or slicked back together to form a headband, gold leaf on hair is a new way of adorning with a modern-looking accessory.


Gold Leaf on Nails


One of the easiest ways to wear gold leaf is on your nails. A gold leaf nail art will go perfect with your holiday party ensemble and make an indulgent treat that you may enjoy even after the party.


Just cut the gold foil in pieces and apply them in varying amounts to each nail. You can also add a sweet kiss of gold at the top of each nail by using god foil instead of classy white tips.


Gold Leaf Lashes


Looking for a subtle way to add gold leaf to create a chic party look? Try wearing gold leaf lashes.


DIY by pasting gold leaf on a pair of falsies and then spraying it with hairspray before putting them on. You can also buy falsies made with a gold leaf design.


Here you have them, 5 Ways to Add Gold to Your Beauty Routine!


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