9 Types of Glass Doors to Install Throughout Your Home

9 Types of Glass Doors to Install Throughout Your Home

Installing new doors can bring a bold element to your home, and they can also improve things like aesthetics and insulation.

Before you decide which types of glass doors to install, it’s important to understand the differences between the many styles that are currently available.

Read on to discover nine different types of glass doors you can install throughout your home to make it look beautiful and be more functional.

1. The Classic Hinged Door

Similar to a standard door, a glass hinged door features a swiveling hinge that’s located on one side of the door frame. This hinge allows you to easily open and close your door just like you would with a wood or metal door.

Most homeowners install these windows and doors on the front or back of the home as well as on the inside to give the space a more open look and feel. You can choose between a door that opens inward, outward or both for your preferred level of functionality.

2. Add Luxury with French Doors

One of the most beautiful types of glass doors are French doors, and they work as a pair of single-hinged doors that open away from each other. You can usually find these doors in place of a sliding glass door, or they could be installed inside to separate different rooms.

Unlike the standard double doors, French doors use several panels with decorative trim to give them an elevated look. They usually fill a wider opening than a single door and can be framed with wood, PVC, aluminum, or fiberglass.

3. Bi-Fold Glass Doors Make Spaces Seem Larger

You can enhance a space with bi-fold doors that come in both framed and frameless styles. These glass doors are made of two or more hinged panels that fold along a track.

Simply push the bi-fold doors to one side of the opening to create a more open area. This style of door is often used at the back of the home to create a nice flow between the interior and exterior of the house. Bi-fold glass doors are usually hung from the top, so make sure there is enough support for the weight of the glass before you install them.

4. Use Pivot Glass Doors For a Modern Touch

For a unique touch, try pivot glass doors with hinges mounted at the top and bottom of the door. These doors give you greater control since you can adjust them to different angles.

Pivot doors are usually attached at the center point of the door or they can be attached off-center so when the door is open, it’s both inside and outside. You can install a single pivot door, or try several in a row for a unique touch to the home. These doors are perfect for giving you better control over how much air gets into the home when they’re open.

5. Sliding Glass Doors: A Classic Choice

If you want easy access to the outside of your home, sliding glass doors are a great choice. These doors slide from side-to-side, so they don’t take up a lot of room since they don’t need to swing in or out.

Install a set of sliding glass doors on the back part of your home for quick access to the porch or patio. These doors are attached to the top and bottom of the door frame and work on a track that allows them to easily slide open and closed. Some options slide into the frame similar to a pocket door, saving you even more space.

6. Go Bold with Decorative Types of Glass

Aside from the format of the door you choose, you can also decide which type of glass to use. Stained glass will give your home a refined look and features a huge range of colors and designs to bring your space tons of personality.

Frosted glass is an excellent choice for doors where you want a little extra privacy along with a modern look. Rippled glass also achieves this goal and adds some bold texture to the door. You can find glass today that comes in a wide range of embossed designs ranging from floral to geometric styles to take your door to the next level.

7. Glass Doors in Different Shapes

If you want to give your home some personality, consider doors with glass in a unique shape. An arched glass door gives the home a sophisticated touch and complements Victorian and classic homes.

Vertical glass panes are the perfect option for people who prefer a more modern look. The slender strip of glass to one side allows just the right amount of light to come in. Your door can be made completely of glass or just use one pane at the top for more privacy.

Use Glass Doors to Upgrade Your Home

With so many different types of glass doors available, it’s easy to make your home look unique while giving it a lot of extra functionality. Classic glass doors are great for getting more light into any space, while full glass doors blend the indoors with the outside.

When you choose a glass door, make sure it’s easy to install and to use. The goal is to give your home a more open feel while adding a beautiful element to any room.

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