One-piece v/s Two-piece Toilets - The Complete Guide

We always look for comfort and functionality side by side elegance and style especially with designing the interior of our beloved home.

That said, you are in for a fancy ride on this article where we introduce some  Fancy new smart toilets that might be over-the-top expensive but has the beauty and awesomeness suitable for an equally sophisticated lifestyle.

Since you are splurging a fortune on these magical thrones, there are numerous features, aside from the common heated seats, in smart toilets that are efficient and worth your every dollar.

Here are a few of some smart toilets you can invest in and show off:

1. TOTO Neorest 700H

Toto is world-renowned brand and the TOTO Neorest 700H is one of their top-of-the-line smart toilets that will impress you and your friends. It has all the electronic automation and hygienic washlet function that does not only clean your anus but also your genital area.

Speaking of automation, it has a control panel with buttons on the side of the seat and a remote control. It has a motion sensor that opens up the seat cover once you approach the toilet. It also automatically closes when you are done.

This TOTO model, which is a common feature with smart toilets, has a heated seat (Link https://flushguide.com/best-toilet-seat/heated/) that you can adjust to any temperature.

The bowl can be illuminated with adjustable brightness. When you are done after you activate the electronic bidet to wash your private areas, a sensor will flush the bowl when you stand up.

Flushing is really powerful too with its dual-flushing mechanism. And not only that, this porcelain throne is very water efficient. It only uses 1 gallon of water per flush. Surely, this toilet requires less cleaning than other models in the market.

2. Kohler Veil K-5401-0

This smart toilet is Kohler’s close rival to the TOTO Neorest. It also has a dual-flush system with water jets coming from all sides to make the bowl clean.

Electronically, this techy potty is not far behind. It has an LED nightlight to illuminate the bowl. It also has a hands-free toilet lid that opens and closes automatically. The seats are also equipped with adjustable temperature settings to heat it up and a warm air dryer function.

With regards to private parts cleaning, there is a bidet wand that targets all the important areas. The bidet wand is also adjustable in spray shape, positioning, water pressure and water temperature. It also has oscillate and pulsate motions to ensure total cleaning.

All these functions are activated through a touchscreen control panel and a remote control. Plus water-efficiency is at 1.28 GPF. A great investment indeed!

3. WoodBridge T-0008

A less popular and less expensive brand than the two is this Woodbridge smart toilet. Although a little bit lower in price, the features it offers are not obsolete in comparison.

The electronic features are still super on this brand. For hygiene, a bidet wand is ready for posterior wash with options such as Feminine Wash, Pulsating Wash, Adjustable Water Pressure, Hygienic Filtered Water. All with a touch of a button.

For added comfort, this smart potty has a water heater, warm air Dryer, unlimited warm water, heated seat with 5 adjustable temperature settings. It also has an oscillating and gentle massage pulse functions.

The bowl has an LED Night Light and an automatic on and off sensor to save on electricity.


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