What are the must-see Atlanta attractions?

What are the must-see Atlanta attractions?

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, it is a city that was a military outpost several years ago, but it has now become a proper commercial town that has a lot of breathtaking views for the tourists and the people that live in that very city to look at for that matter. The international brands by the name of Coca-Cola and CNN, have their headquarters in Atlanta only. Apart from them, there are several historic sites, parks, museums, and other tourist attractions to look at as well.

Some of the best Atlanta attractions are as follows:

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is one of the most popular sites to visit near Atlanta. Here is a Stone Mountain that people from all over the world, come to see. One can easily climb up the hill or go up in a cable car in the Stone Mountain Park. There are rope walks and bridges through the treetops that people can use as well. A petting farm for the young children so that even they can enjoy their trip in Atlanta.

There are a lot of fun family spots that the Stone Mountain Park has to offer for the visitors. There are exciting activities that include the train rides, a 4-D movie, duck boats, and miniature golf for the kids to enjoy at as well. For the grownups, there are 18-hole golf courses, resort hotels with a spa service and a dining room where they can have food and enjoy their leisure time.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is one of the places where usually people come with their kids to have fun. The Georgia Aquarium has a huge variety of marine life, and along with that, they have different activities for the people that visit them as well. There are whale sharks and alligators too; there are trainers as well that interact with the sea lions and provide a new experience to the visitors to see for that matter then. There is a dive program held where the visitors can also participate if they have a SCUBA diving certification. For the visitors to not get wet, there is an acrylic tunnel to walk through so that the visitors can enjoy viewing the fish swimming everywhere they see. It is one of the best Atlanta attractions that this city has to offer for the people that live there or are visiting Atlanta as tourists.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

It is the best sight for the garden lovers to look at in Atlanta. There are a variety of gardens with flower beds and huge trees, all year round, no matter what the season is, the garden is never empty. There is also a special area that is made of a design so that the kids can look down ad see a forest. There are indoor and outdoor gardens, the indoor gardens look beautiful all the time, however for the outdoor gardens, it depends upon the time that the people visit them.

The Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre is there in Atlanta since the 1920s, and it is in the Arabian theme and has a lot of history connected with it. It is a loved landmark since the day people were building it. There are performances held in the Fox Theatre, for example, the ballet, rock concerts and other movies and operas all year round. Two ballrooms have been redecorated and are readily available for such events that are special for that matter.

The Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is the oldest and the highest park in Atlanta, and so it is known for that. During the civil war, it was where the Battel at Peachtree Creek had a ground. There are a proper walking and running trail. Along with that, there are gardens, sports fields, playground for children as well and a swimming pool too for the children that visit Piedmont Park. There are different events that the park hosts every year, such as different fitness programs and other musical entertainments regarding music too which can revitalize you.

High Museum of Art

The High Museum of Art is considered to be among the best Atlanta attractions as the collection of art since the Renaissance to the present, and an amazing architecture leaves all the people amazed with the beauty that it has to offer. There is a collection of European paintings and decorative art along with African art and photography as well.

The World of Coca-Cola

How Coca-Cola came up is something that people do not usually know. In 1886 Dr. John Pemberton made a syrup to get rid of headaches, his friend mixed it up with water and carbonic acid, and the result was Coca-Cola. It is the same soft drink that is the most popular one around the globe. The headquarters of Coca-Cola is in Atlanta, Baker Street.

Center of Puppetry Arts

It is a museum in Atlanta that has a very large collection of puppets from all over the world. There are Chinese hand puppets, along with the African rod puppets and many more posters, videos, and photography, in general, a lot of information about puppets in this museum. It is a center that offers a variety of performances to be held there so that the teens, along with the adult audiences, can enjoy the unique performances that they have prepared for the world to see.

Why visit Atlanta?

It is a city that has a lot of historical significance and a city that is very rich in culture and history too, and so many people get attracted by this very quality. It is good for the city’s economy that tourists visit Atlanta and get to know more about their culture over there. A variety of food selection, along with many other tourist attractions such as those present in this article, are enough reasons for one to visit Atlanta and look at the beauty that they have to offer for the rest of the world and get amazed by it.


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