What Makes a Foodie Tour Memorable?

What Makes a Foodie Tour Memorable?

A foodie tour is a lot different than a walking tour. A walking tour is where a large group of people is following a group leader that is the guide in general. The guide shows people around the city; he shows them sites that are beautiful to look at and have some history connected to them.

However, on a food tour, things are less complicated. There are rather fewer people involved, and they are following a guide that makes them try food from different locations for that matter. In the sense of expenditure, the food tours are more expensive compared to the walking tours as they have to incorporate the food expenses too.

Usually, people have the experience of tasting food from around six to seven different locations. These tours also have a lot of walking involved; it is necessary so that the people can digest the food meanwhile in that case, and get themselves ready to taste food from a new location now.

There are several steps that a person shall take so that he can make sure that he gets the best out of the tour and that he enjoys the tour perfectly. Some of these steps are mentioned and explained in this article as well so that people can get an idea of how they shall go about the food tours.

Decide on the type of food tour you want

These days, people have a variety of opinions about food tours, some people like to get done with the tour in 2 to 4 hours, while others like it when their food tour is usually over the time of a couple of days. The prices of the food tours vary accordingly as well in these cases. However, longer tours cost a bit more than one day tours.

See the list of foods you are going to try

It is an important step to look at the list of foods beforehand so that once you are on the foodie tour, you know what food you are going to taste next. Apart from that, looking at the food description is of significance so that if one is allergic to a specific food, the tour company will be accommodating the person with an alternative.

What are you going to wear?

The food tours are usually on foot, and so they are the walking food tours. One shall wear comfortable walking shoes and also carry a backpack with him or her so that they can carry their items along the way. Using a sunscreen, having a hat and sunglasses is a plus point as well.

Pace yourself

It is one of the most important stuff that you need to do. You have to pace yourself and spend an appropriate time accordingly in every food stall or restaurant. That is important so that you do not stuff yourself too much at a place and then start to feel sick in the coming locations. If you do not follow this step, the chances are that you might not enjoy the second half of your trip at all.

Get the coupons

Most of the times, on the foodie tours, what happens is that while you are tasting the food, the shopkeepers nearby give away their discount coupons. You can always get them coupons and use them once the tour has ended, or the next day and get discounted stuff for yourself and your family for that matter then.

You meet other foodies

People nowadays find ways to get to socialize with people around them; it is an amazing opportunity to make new friends at a food tour. All you have to do is agree or disagree with the opinion of someone on the taste of the food you all are tasting, and there you go, a conversation is yet to start. Food and culture go hand in hand, and that is a very true statement, people mingle on the topic of food and become good friends in no time.

Exploring the culture

It is a common idea of people that are traveling from one country to another; they tend to get on these food tours because they get a lot of benefits alone from this tour. They get to meet new people and talk to them, apart from that they get to eat food from different places and not only at the tourist spots. A lot of awareness is created, and one can also say that this idea also supports local businesses.

You visit wineries

Getting a chance to visit a winery so that you can taste different wines is one of the best feelings in the world. You get to experience this with your loved ones, and the people on tour treating everyone so humbly warms the heart of all others present over there. Spending quality time with your friends and family is what everyone likes, and a food tour offers that. Having good food always keeps you healthy and it also control your diabetes too.

Wine cruise

That is another benefit of a food tour as there is an event known to be at a cruise. It goes on for a day or two on the cruise itself so that people can enjoy as much as they can on the cruise itself, with the view, food and the wine available there. They get to experience the best time of their lives that they are going to cherish and remember for the rest of their lives for that matter.

A food tour is something that a foodie appreciates more than anything in this world; he gets to eat the food of a city that he never tasted. It lasts for a day or two and even goes on in some situations. People meet other foodies and mingle with them, socialize and have fun. Food tours demand people to walk a lot, and that is fine because they need to digest the food and make room for the food from the other location. People enjoy the walking part of a food tour as well.


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