Protecting Your Home From Winter Disasters

winter preparedness checklist

Winter disasters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The worst, is natural weather disasters, like hurricanes, tornadoes and massive storms. There’s nothing that we can do to prevent these, and there is likely to be damaged, whatever precautions we take. We can only do our best to manage them. Then, some disasters are confined to your home, like frozen pipes and leaky roofs. These might lead to expensive damage to your home and tricky repairs, but fortunately, there’s a lot that you can do to prevent them. Other disasters aren’t really disasters, but they are uncomfortable, and being cold in your home can mean that you can’t relax and enjoy the season and that you risk becoming unwell or depressed. So, let’s take a good at some of the ways that you can protect your home from winter disasters, whether they are personal to you or not.

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Get the Right Cover

Try as you might, whatever precautions you take, the risks of your home becoming damaged are much greater in the winter months when the weather is against you. So, another precaution that you should take is getting the right cover, just in case you end up facing expensive repairs. If you need to make a roof damage insurance claim, knowing that you’ve got the right cover can save you money and give you peace of mind.

Book in for a Boiler Service

One of the biggest natural disasters that can befall us at home in the winter months is a boiler breakdown. Imagine waking up with two feet of snow on the ground to find that you’ve got no heating or hot water and your boiler is making a questionable noise. Get your boiler serviced now, and hopefully, it’s not something that you’ll have to face.

Take Care of Your Roof

Few of us worry about our roofs. They are up there, keeping us warm and dry, but it’s not something that we concern ourselves with until a steady drip appears in the bedroom that is. Don’t wait until it’s too late, hire someone to get up there and check your roof now. Small tile replacements are much cheaper and easier to tackle than more severe damage.

Keep it Warm

Whatever happens outside, no matter how cold it gets, or how extreme the weather becomes, you should be able to stay warm and feel safe in your house. But, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes our homes feel cold, and despite heating, we can’t keep them warm.

Check your window seals, to make sure they are in good condition and aren’t letting cold air in. Find out what kind of insulation you home has, if any, and think about making some upgrades. Then, take smaller steps, like using draught excluders and keeping internal and external doors closed.

Lag the Pipes

Frozen pipes are common but very easy to prevent. If your pipes freeze, the water inside them will expand, and the pipes might burst. This can lead to flooding and other damage. Add lagging to your pipes, and fix leaky taps.

Keep Your Garden Safe

Over summer, we get into the habit of leaving things out in our garden. We’re out there a lot, and we don’t want to spend time making furniture and toys out of storage every day. But, in the winter, the wind can blow heavy objects, causing damage. Start packing away for the winter to keep everything secure.



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