What To Consider When Re-imagining Your Garden

Re-imagining Your Garden

Having a complete garden overhaul can help to breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. You may want to go for a completely different look than you have ever had. And, you may draw your inspiration from just about anywhere.

Whether you have a few acres or just a couple of meters, you can make the space that you have into a haven of natural charm. Creating the perfect place for relaxing in will provide you hours upon hours of pleasure.

Remember, though, that no garden is ever a finished piece of work. If you want to keep it looking beautiful, you will need to keep repeatedly planting for the next season. You might find that some plants work, while others don’t take. Learning what goes best in your garden can take some time.

Look For Inspiration

Whether you want a Hamptons style garden, or a Japanese inspired zen retreat; you can draw inspiration from any number of beautiful images online. Create a Pinterest board with all of the images that appeal to you.

What Do You Want To Get Out Of It?

Think about what you would like to get out of your garden. If you would like a place to entertain guests, think about what kind of gatherings you will have. You may want to get a fire pit or a hot tub. A space to host a barbeque might be important to you. Think about how you may want to create a seating area. Do you envisage being sat on recliners, sofas, or around a table?

If you have children or grandchildren, space for them to run around and have fun will be necessary. You may want a reasonably sized lawn. How about building a sandpit area for the kids to play in?

If you enjoy eating whatever you grow, you may want to create a space for vegetables. One of the most rewarding types of gardening is possibly that which provides you with food for the table. If you’re planning to grow fruit and veg, a greenhouse may be in order.

If being green-fingered to you means growing the most beautiful flowers, creating a paradise full of color may be the way forward. Think about the types of flower that you would enjoy seeing in your garden.

Hire A Designer

Getting the design that you want may mean bringing in someone professional to create a plan. If you want to know the types of plants that are going to grow in the right place, a specialist landscape gardener will be able to design a perfectly formed garden.

Look At The Space That You Have

You will need to divide your space up well. Think about where the best sunlight hits your garden. There may be a lawn and patio in existence, but they may not be in the best locations. Think about changing the layout as much as you need to so that you can make the most of the available space.




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