Why You Should Visit New York City in Autumn

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When it comes to choosing a couple’s holiday you may be wondering what to opt for. While a beach holiday can be great, after two or three, you’re probably craving something a little different, which is where city breaks come in.


However, rather than jumping into the trap of summertime European city breaks, try something a little different.

New York City in the autumn will make for the ideal city break. The city that never sleeps, there’s always something to do here and with tailor-made holidays being so popular, you’ll be able to pick and choose from the city’s autumnal calendar and make your own fun.


Still not convinced? Below are five reasons why New York City in the autumn is awesome.


The Festivities


If there’s one thing New York has at this time of year, it’s festivities. If you love Halloween, then experiencing it across the pond is a whole other experience. With attendance reaching 5,000 or more people each year, the parade on Sixth Avenue is something that’s to be looked at in wonder, while live bands and ghoulish fun take place all around you. Alongside this, you could be in town for the New York Marathon on the first Sunday in November, where you’ll experience true New Yorker spirit. Meanwhile, if you thought Halloween was fun, on the fourth Tuesday of November is the Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Parade!


Open House New York


This is a city filled with remarkable, secret landmarks, and for one day a year in the autumn, many of these landmarks, alongside museums and houses open their doors as part of Open House New York. This is a programme filled with talks and presentations, which give you access to places you otherwise wouldn’t get to see. Where to Get Inspiration in New York City


Central Park changes


Central Park is a must at any time when visiting this wondrous city. A vast expanse of land that needs to be seen to be believed, where you can spend hours wandering around, in autumn it all changes. With the changing colours, the orange, brown and even pink colours make for stunning sights as you bask in the usual tours. It also creates fantastic photo opportunities .


The weather


While you may worry about this weather that turns Central Park into the colourful autumnal land, the weather at this time of year is actually pretty great. This is because it’s not too hot or too cold. In fact, October is usually an excellent time to visit as there’s also very little chance of rain here. This means views from some of the more popular spots, like the Empire State Building, will offer stunning clear views for you to bask in. While you won’t overheat or get wet while shopping.


The price


The best bit is, the price isn’t as bad during this time. Christmas is popular in New York, as is summer, like most places, which makes visiting during the autumn the perfect time to go. Great weather and prices collide during this time of year – so why wouldn’t you book now?


So, don’t wait around, book that holiday to New York this autumn for something a little different for you and your partner.

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